A teku glass makes your beer taste better

a teku glass makes your beer taste better

There is no right or wrong way to drink beer, except that you can’t be upside down in a barrel. As long as the brew is good, I’ll put it in a big boy or a frosty bottle or one of those tiny cañas you get in bars in Spain. Rastal’s Teku glasses is the clear winner when we discuss the best beer glasses to make your craft beer better at home.

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Teku beer glasses (pack of 6)

Why is the Teku the best beer glass?

The Teku glass was created by Teo Musso, an Italian expert in craft beer and Lorenzo Kuaska Dabove. It is made by Rastal, a German glassware manufacturer. We Americans have never thought about beer glasses. Shaker pints, which are essentially single cups made of glass, are common in bars. They are not meant to highlight the richness of an imperial stout’s nuanced bouquet, but they are ubiquitous. These pints are not broken, can be cleaned easily, and can be stacked up to twenty high by barbacks who make the rounds after the last call. Teo and Kuaska. I thought craft beer deserved better.

In a world filled with softly rounded Hefeweizen glasses or tall, willow-like Hefeweizen glass, the Teku is more like a wineglass that has been crossed with a pot. Good beer glasses should capture the beer’s aroma so that you can taste and smell it. The glass should have a small top and a lower base to capture the aroma so it doesn’t all leave the glass. This is also true for wine glasses. The IPA notes of tropical fruits and pine needles as well as damp marijuana should remain on the top of the glass, and not disappear into the ether after being poured.

This is fruity beer This is not a wine beer!

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The stem is similar to a wine glass. I like to drink slowly so that the gose stays chilled until it is empty. The one thing that doesn’t work for me is: Always sweaty palms. Because I only touch the stem of the Teku, I don’t have to worry about getting my beer to body temperature.

The lip curves outwards from the top of this glass. This is a thoughtful, though not necessarily necessary, flourish. However, the smooth rim of this glass hug your lips comfortably when you take a drink – a contrast with a thick pint glass.

What do I need to drink?

You don’t have to take fancy stemmed glasses if you go to the beach or camp, or if you attend a Miller High Life at a barbecue. If you pour your beer into glasses, it is easier to objectively judge the quality of your beer. (The 14-ounce teku is well-equipped to hold a 12-ounce can of beer or a bottle of beer. The tangerine hues in hazy IPAs will not be visible through aluminum. You’ll have to work hard to extract the Aroma from the can. A can of great craft beer is like listening to the music of summer in a car. Although it’s still fun, wouldn’t you rather be in that car? Don’t drink and drive.

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