According to Waffles number one fan, this is the best waffle-maker

the best waffle maker, according to waffles' number one fan

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A deep fryer (a large saucepan of oil), toaster (use your broiler very carefully), steamer basket (a colander) and a wedding speech can all be improvised. But a waffle iron is impossible to improvise. If you are like me, you will need a waffle iron. The Presto FlipSide waffle maker is by far the best.

Before poking fun at the idea of ​​a single-use appliance cluttering your kitchen, consider the platonic waffle – evenly golden with deep syrup pockets, a crisp exterior that hides a delicate center, and a pockmarked texture that indicates one fluffy batter – then remember that the best waffle iron can give you all of this while taking up only as much space as a box of cereal.

After scooping the batter into the Presto FlipSide, turn the iron from side to side so that it moves 180 ° and criss-crosses through the vertical position like a gymnast on a bar upside down, with the top becoming the bottom . This elegant motion ensures even dough distribution and a consistent color. It is possible to keep the machine upright, which can save you a lot of counter space. Presto even has a timer – great for impatient and anxious folks! Nonstick plates are also available so there is no need to grease or do any tedious cleaning. The waffles that came out of this machine were almost too good to eat. (See description of “platonic waffle”I persevered. But I persevered.

There are waffle irons on the market for as little as $100 (several hundred times the price of the Presto). They’re shiny, heavy, have many functions (e.g. you can control how brown your waffles turn out), and can cook multiple waffles at once. A fancy doer is useful for large families and groups but not for my household of two. The Presto can make large batches of waffles but it takes 5-6 minutes per cycle. Eggos work great for me when I need them.

Presto home waffle maker

Presto FlipSide Belgian wafflemaker

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