Are you having trouble finding the perfect summer peaches Don’t worry: Frozen peaches are also great

can't find the perfect summer peaches? don't sweat: frozen are

Rachel Gurjar Otuama was an assistant food editor and received a recipe for a summer peach cocktail. Her visions were of the perfect stone fruit dancing during high season. A drink made with August peaches so ripe that it could almost look like bruising, she imagined. Although that vision may have been a dream, she actually had to create the recipe in May. New York. This meant that there was no good peach in sight, except in the freezer.

So she got a bag of frozen peaches from Wegmans and developed this simple, sparkling rosé, amaro and aperol spritz from it. You know what? They were actually quite delicious! Although they may not be as spectacular as the freshest fruit, frozen peaches have a lot of flavor and are preserved at their peak. They are also free from spots and bruising that I always see with fresh peaches when I buy them. The crushed ones are used in this shrub recipe, which is my first choice for any mushy and disappointing fruit.

The frozen peaches are able to pull twice as much power in one shot, add a sweet peach flavor, and can also be used as ice cubes. At the end of the glass (too early) the frozen peaches will have thawed and soaked up the rosé, leaving you with a crisp bite of moist fruit. They are expensive! These are the ones you love.

All that is required to know is that fresh peaches can only be obtained from a licensed vendor. You can buy frozen peaches online. Detroit Farm to Freezer peaches are my favorite. You get a 2-pound bag with this $ 40 fruit box. It also includes all their summer fruits. Brandon Seng, founder of the company, stated that local produce is frozen with a small blast freezer within hours of harvesting. They are frozen with puffs rather than liquid Nitrogen, which is quick chilling. Frozen tart cherries are my favorite for making rotten-clafoutis. But frozen peaches are also great for baking.

Seng explained that frozen fruits can have their cell walls rupturing and lose some structure. A thawed, frozen blueberry will not be as firm as a fresh one. This makes it a good choice for smoothies. Farm to Freezer’s frozen peaches and apples have a stronger pulp than tender berries and can withstand freezing well. His children freeze the peaches and then thaw them and enjoy them straight from their hands.

You don’t need to despair if you are looking for a dessert or cocktail made with peaches in November, but your August farmers market prospects seem bleak. All year, frozen peaches are available.

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Peach Aperol Spritz Recipe

Peach Aperol Spritz

Sparkling roses, ripe fruits, and a hint of Aperol make this the perfect summer drink.

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