Baggu Wine Bags look great and can be reused.

baggu wine bags are very cute and reusable which is

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As the art director of Bon Appétit, it is Christa GuerraIt is a job to see when something looks good. She is an indispensable colleague. Christa is my go-to person when I have a question about a textile or a serving utensil and I need to know what I think. Those stackable wine glasses? This is what I’m talking about. This onyx bowl is made of stone. This is what I’m talking about! Is that a sculptural pepper mill! Chiiiiic.

Christa provided me with a link to these bags for wine and the message “wooowwww, i never wanted anything” so you can be certain that I received a set on my doorstep a few days later. Each bag is perfectly proportioned to stow a bottle of wine and tucked in its own little pouch like a popple – ideal when you need to lug a pét-nat to a picnic but don’t want to carry an empty canvas bag around with you for the rest of the day In the afternoon. They are available in a 3-pack and, just like the Baggu standard-sized reusable bags, are made of 40% recycled nylon.

A product doesn’t get the Christa seal of approval if it is functional and comfortable. Baggus prints are a great example of this. The Madras Mix-Set features a Spring-Y-Check pattern. The Backyard Fruit Trio includes happy plums, oranges, and strawberries. Animal Print is exactly as it sounds, except these animals have a sophisticated and modern understanding of color theory. These wine bags double as gift wrap. You can impress your host by giving them a bottle or vermouth and a gift bag.

Wine bottles in decorative baggu wine bags

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