Brightland’s digestif candle adds a little bit of mint to your kitchen

brightland's digestif candle is like a touch of mint in

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After a hearty meal, I want a digestif. A thimble of cognac or amaro to cleanse my palate. As I sip my Meletti, I think. The laksa was amazing, but I am not interested in trying it again. A digestif is a way to end dinner, both solemnly but also as an exclamation point. That was a lot of fun! Let’s get to sleep.

Brightland’s Digestif Candle follows the same principle with one exception: your nose. Once the pan-fried mackerel, cumin aloo gabie gobi and fried garlic rice are gone, light the candle. Digestif is a blend of bitter orange blossom, vetiver, and black pepper. It dispels food odors, and transports you into a warm, green, and lush environment.

Burning Brightland Digestif Candle

Brightland Digestif Candle

Brightland is what you picture when you think of it. Brightland is the olive oil company that has the Instagrammable matte bottles and stylish branding. You’re right. Brightland’s Californian cold-pressed olive oil is the secret ingredient in this candle made from soy. It is believed to enhance the candle’s scent. “scent throw”. Do you know how spices smell when they are allowed to bloom in ghee, oil? This makes the fat permeate the spice, which then permeates the lentils, noodles, and chicken breasts with its fragrant goodness. It’s the same for olive oil, and the scent components of digestif candles. I’m fairly certain. I’m not a scientist. That sounds just right.

Even when I’m not at the dinner table, the digestif candle is a part of my daily routine. It’s the equivalent to brushing my teeth in the kitchen while I’m doing dishes. I also light it during cooking so it’s always there when I go downstairs.

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