Caesar dressing can be made without the use of raw egg yolks

yes, you can make caesar dressing without using raw egg

You’re not the only one nervous about making Caesar dressing using raw egg yolks. Many people are nervous about eating raw eggs. Making mayonnaise and aioli from scratch can prove difficult for those who aren’t familiar with the process. You can do it with your arms to fully emulsify all the oil, acid and egg. But at worst you’ll end up having a ruined emulsion that is streaky and slimy (sorry), but still edible.

Here’s the secret: If you don’t want authenticity in your Caesar, swap a tablespoon of store-bought mayonnaise to replace the raw egg yolk. This fridge shortcut makes it easy and quick to dress your salad.

This Midsummer Tomato Caesar Recipe is an example. We made it simple for ourselves by asking for a tablespoon each of mayonnaise and egg yolk to replace the dressing. It gives the dressing the right amount of filling and is much easier to use than the egg yolk.

This dressing can be used as a dressing-your-pocket Caesar hack. It’s great for when bottled dressing is not an option and raw eggs are too difficult to handle. You can also blend all ingredients in a blender, if you don’t feel like beating your hand with it.

You can go the authentic route if you really love the mild “egg yolks”, which raw eggs bring to the party. Let’s face the facts, Caesar dressing can also be enjoyed in other flavors, such as light lemon juice, garlic, and hearty parmesan.

Easy, quick and delicious salad made with high-season tomatoes is the ideal recipe for summer cooking.

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Recipe for Tomato Caesar Salad

Tomato Caesar

This tomato salad gets its pizzazz from a Caesar dressing that is extra thick. It also prevents it getting drenched at picnics.

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