Do this roast pork on Sunday, eat well all week

do this roast pork on sunday, eat well all week

I tried the style of meal prepping, where you spend an entire Sunday preparing a number of different meals and portioning them into neat glass containers. The sight of all those neatly stacked cardboard boxes in the fridge was great fun. However, it was depressing to have to open them and see the cold depths of the fridge five days a row. I couldn’t bear it.

A large batch of only one or two dishes can double, sometimes even quadruple, their power over the course a week. For example, this Coriander Roast Pork and Burnt Orange. You have six options for Sunday with six dishes to choose from, and you can braise the entire thing on a slow afternoon. There are no leftovers in your fridge. These are just a few ways Protean pork can help you get through the week.

In a sandwich

There is no better lunch than a sandwich that you can eat with one hand as you scroll through your phone. A large, shredded piece pork can be placed on a bun with mayonnaise and Calabrian chili paste. If you have cooked broccoli raven (or any other vegetable), a cheese topping (Swiss, provolone, or other) and some pickled vegetables and you have your shining star in the middle a day full of zooms.

Anchoring a noodle soup

Inspired by all the great noodle soups in the world, I make a cheaty broth by simmering water with gochujang, chinkiang vinegar, garlic, ginger and a tiny dash of fish sauce. Add a handful of pak choi or shredded Swiss chard, a large chunk or two of pork, and a nest of cooked rice or wheat noodles before topping them with fried shallots and thinly sliced ​​onions.

As tacos

Do you remember going to Mexico City once and eating at that taco restaurant that you still think about? Although it may not be as good, it is pretty close. Chop the pork, mix it with a dash of mayo (this will make it crispy) and sauté in a pan until it’s warmed through and you’ve got some crispy pieces. Add the toasted tortillas to the top. You can use a spoon to place a few pieces of the perfectly ripe avocado onto it. It’s all good! Add a squeeze of lime juice and some chopped white onion.

Season hashish

Mash small steamed potatoes and fry them in a pan with pork schnitzel until crispy and golden brown. The steamed potatoes are aggressively seasoned, with freshly ground black pepper and a bit of ground cumin. They make a great bed for a couple of fried eggs and a drizzle of chilli crisp.

Fried with rice

Fried rice is my favorite meal for cleaning the fridge. My totally bogus version contains lots of garlic and shredded kimchi. Half withered greens in my vegetable drawer, frozen popcorn, and pork bites. Place everything in a cast iron skillet or wok until the rice is lightly browned.

To a rag. braised

When I have the last few scraps of pork, I extend its lifespan by simmering it with a can of peeled tomatoes, too much crushed red pepper flakes, and half a stick of butter. This makes a great sauce for short pastas, such as escarole or garlic.

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Roast pork with orange and coriander

A slow-fried, heart-worthy piece of pork that offers excellent rest options for a week.

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