Do you like fresh fruit? Do you hate being sticky? The Our Place walnut cutting board is what you will need

do you love fresh fruit? do you hate being sticky?

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Summer fruits are my favorite; their sweet, juicy juices, and melting ripe flesh. My seasonal fructose buzz is sparked by the simple act of slicing five-pound watermelon. After several inept hacks, my counter is stickier than a stick on hot asphalt. But not this year, my friends (* laughs insanely while holding a cleaver *). Our Place’s new walnut cutting board keeps me and my kitchen juice-free thanks to its clever design.

This board is different from regular flat cutting boards. One side slopes into a sap ditch that has been carved in the wood. You probably know how gravity works, so I won’t go into it any further: when you cut open the fruit, the released liquid trickles over the board and the hollows in the trench, which can hold more than ⅔ of a cup. It’s a slip ‘n slide, complete with a pool for the kids at the bottom. Only the basin holds juice, while the kids are watermelon seed. After finishing prepping, I drain and set aside the juice. It measures 12 x 17 inches in size and can be used as a sausage platter for my fresh fruit spread, with cheese and any prosciutto coils.

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Our Place Walnut Chopping Board

They should know that the cutting board is approximately 5.6 pounds in weight, roughly the same amount as Cat’s Grumpy Himalayan or twenty butter pieces. The main takeaway is that American black walnuts, which are good, are strong. Chris Morocco, Test Kitchen director, explained that wooden cutting boards are a better choice for repetitive tasks like chopping fruits. The material is softer and more gentle than plastic. Wood is extremely resilient so your knife can sink into it with minimal dulling. Also, the cuts ‘heal” after the knife has been pushed through. You won’t be able to slide the 5.6-pounds of wood around while using the cleaver.

A wooden board, however, is more difficult to maintain. My walnut cutting board became fuzzy after the first use. It was almost like a huge kiwi. Shiza Shahid, the founder of Our Place assured me this was normal. The grains will settle over time with proper care. After use, hand wash the board using a non-abrasive sponge, towel drying, and finally drying in the air. You can treat your board with a food-grade mineral oils to prevent cracking or increase the patina, which is a type of sheen or soft shine that comes with age. Our Place will soon launch their own mineral oils. Our team is a big fan of this Boos Block Mystery Oil.

John Boos MYS32 Mystery Block Oil 32 oz

My walnut chopping board has been used to add watermelon chunks to my tangy, umami-wrapped Summer Salad; tiny kiwi slices to make these Japanese fruit sandwiches; lime juice to top off fat papaya wedges. It’s impossible to stop eating! However, I cannot get enough juice. This board is for those who love summer fruits and are sick of the stick.

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