Do you love hiking? Do you hate lugging heavy things? You need these food containers

do you love hiking? do you hate lugging heavy things?

This is a highly recommended column that explores what people in the food industry are obsessed with eating, drinking, and buying right now.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I can get into the whole survival skills thing. I have learned to replace forgotten toilet paper with pliable leaves, to boil cloudy pond water when my huge bottle inevitably dries up, and to tinker shoelaces out of fishing line.

What I can’t stand is “hiking” with food; Many days without fiber I spent sadly grazing tuna on slim jims and water cans. I’ve tried packing grainy salads, open sandwiches, and hearty homemade trail mix, but the problem is these need to be contained – and containers have their own problems. They are usually a). made of plastic, which Mama Nature (my host!) is notoriously unfriendly, or b). Glass that is both breakable and heavier than I’d want to lug around in the wild. I assumed I was doomed to salty, processed purgatory – that is, until I found this stainless steel meal box set from Klean Kanteen.

Three reusable Kleen Kanteen food containers stacked up.

Klean Kanteen lunch box set

You might be thinking what I was: Oh please, how much of a difference does a new container make? It turns out a lot! These are both remarkably sturdy – I stood on the largest size like a ballerina in arabesque without leaving a dent – and very light. On my very unscientific scale (my … two hands), the stainless steel was barely heavier than a relatively large plastic container. A load that I like to bear in order to achieve more durability, longevity and sustainability (85% of the stainless steel produced is recycled compared to only 9% of the plastics).

In all honesty, though, I’d recommend switching to these containers even if you’re an environmental nihilist, have enough gut strength to drag four mason jars of homemade tomato sauce up a mountainside, or just look for a new lunch box. Klean Kanteen boxes are specially designed for your refrigerator. They’re perfectly stackable and symmetrical, like little legos filled with groceries. In addition, all three sizes with leak-proof, silicone-coated lids are indispensable if you have secure snap closures in a backpack or your back-to-the-office bag (!). (So ​​sure not a drop came out when I filled them with water and shook them like maracas.)

As for its (lack of) transparency, I occasionally forget what I have stored in it. Did I pack the fried rice or the farro salad today? But it never matters. At lunch or when hiking, the view is always better if you can’t see it coming.

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