Feel like a total stud with these food-shaped earrings

feel like a total stud with these food shaped earrings

This is a highly recommended column that explores what people in the food industry are obsessed with eating, drinking, and buying right now.

Imagine that you are a best friend and you’re on a pilgrimage with your best friend to Claire’s, the Mecca for tween girls. As you shop the large selection of friendship rings and mood rings on the large rotating shelves, “Don’t Cha”, by the Pussycat dolls can be heard through the store’s stereo. It’s possible to save enough money to buy a pair of Skittles-flavored lip-smackers and some earrings in sushi shapes. It’s good life.

Studs is a direct selling brand of earring brands that bring the art and over accessories to the next generation. I was overwhelmed by the same Y2K gurl power when I first came across them. Studs was founded in 2019 as a SoHo piercing shop. It now offers over 250 earrings online and at five brick-and-mortar locations throughout America. They don’t offer California roll-up earrings as I did in my teens but they do offer delicious snacks suitable for food lovers like me.

Pizza slice stud earrings

I’m proud to be a Zillennial. A shopping spree for studs triggered an obsession that I hadn’t felt since my last visit to a Limited Too. I spent what seemed like hours browsing the website and dreaming of my perfect earscape – that’s Studs-Speak for your personally curated arrangement of whimsical stud earrings, dazzling hoops and charming huggies (cuddly hoops that “hug” the earlobe) that Adorn your ear.

Unsurprisingly, I was left with earrings that looked like food after narrowing down my options. They were all part of the new Studs Loves New York collaboration with Garbage NY. Over a dozen charms and earrings are included in the delectable collection. Many of them are modeled after some of the city’s most beloved foods like the Deluxe Green Bo dumplings, Challah Dolly’s buttery-soft braided bread and the iconic bagel.

Everything Bagel Huggie Earring

I was ecstatic to find all three and a pizza bun with cubic zirconia hot bells. My new bling arrived in the mail with neon green laptop stickers and sheet of stud earrings. I felt like I was back in Tiger Beat quizzes, complete with sparkling gel pen. I decided to try my earscaping skills by wearing all four of the earrings simultaneously. These studs looked super cute and I was amazed at how lightweight and comfortable they were. I have sensitive ears that require me to take jewelry off after a few hours. However, my studs worked great! I could wear them all day and fell asleep in them. I’m fascinated (understand?) Studs has made me so intrigued (understand?)

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