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FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Update



foodsaver vacuum sealer update

LINK to FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer: ​ I’ll show you the foods I vacuum sealed and froze about 7 weeks ago using the FoodSaver. If you want to see how this vacuum sealer works, here’s a link to the first video: All this meat has been taking up space in my small freezer and I can’t cook any of it until I show you, so here it is. Everything in this video was frozen on 12/4. This is a boneless leg of lamb I cut up into chunks. Hardly any ice crystals, looks good. It’s ready to be defrosted for lamb curry. This is a pound of ground pork. I’ll open this packet up because I’m making tacos for dinner. Some ice crystals on one side and nothing on the other. I put the meat out for a few hours and it was thawed nicely and tasted fresh. Boneless skinless chicken thighs, I had placed a paper towel inside before sealing so the juices would be absorbed by the towel. Barely any ice. Chicken wings that I took out of a sealed bag and put into this one. This looks the same as the day I sealed it, no ice at all.
NY cheesecake that I baked and then froze in individual slices. As you can see, it looks great. I had defrosted and eaten a few of the other slices and they tasted the same as the fresh baked cake. This is going back in the freezer because well it’s the new year and I’m trying not to eat as much cheesecake.
Here are 2 bananas I froze whole. These are absolutely perfect with no color change. Compare that to bananas in a regular freezer bag. Now these are older than 7 weeks so it’s not a completely fair comparison. But, after two months in the freezer, bananas will start to get brown in a standard freezer bag. These are perfect for smoothies anytime. Fresh blueberries. When I sealed these they were slightly crushed so the juices came out and that’s why the berries are in a block. They look good with no ice build up. Fresh Blackberries. The blackberries didn’t get crushed as much so they will separate even though frozen. Fresh raspberries. The raspberries were completely crushed with the juices coming up the bag. They’re in a nice solid block. No ice formed on the surface. So when you vacuum seal, turn the unit off quickly if you see that produce is getting crushed especially fragile items like berries. Also, for berries if you want them to stay separated, freeze them first, on a tray or put them in the bag, stand upright in the freezer and when the berries are frozen, then vacuum seal. I usually put them in smoothies or make a sauce so I don’t pre-freeze. If you plan on eating berries as is, then it’s best to freeze them before vacuum sealing.
I hope this video was helpful, if it was give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more reviews. I’ll see you next time, thanks for watching.