How To Season A Blackstone Grill First Time

Blackstone grills are amazing pieces of equipment, but seasoning their grills can be a daunting process. 

Many individuals are scared to try for fear of doing it incorrectly. Their Griddle might be too sticky, or their seasoning might flake straight off the surface. Some aren’t even aware that they have to season the Griddle beforehand.

If any of these points sound familiar, keep reading! 

We’ll cover how to season a Blackstone griddle in this post, including how to season one for the first time and how to reseason it when you’ve used it a few times. 

First, wash and rinse the Griddle; Heat the griddle med to high for about 15 minutes; you’ll see the surface turn brown, then turn the Griddle off. Add a thin layer of oil to the top of the Griddle; use a paper towel to spread the oil into a thin layer and ensure you wipe excess oil off. Turn the heat back on; the Griddle will start smoking once blackened; turn the Griddle off to stop the smoke. Repeat the process 2-3 more times.

Do You Have to Season a Blackstone Before Use?

Yes, When using the Blackstone Griddle, seasoning is a crucial step. Before cooking anything on a new Blackstone Griddle, it must be properly seasoned. Seasoning creates a non-stick coat on your Griddle. Steels and cast iron may be seasoned repeatedly, restoring the cooking surface, unlike synthetically coated griddles.

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What Does Seasoning A Grill Mean?

Seasoning grills can make them last for a very long time. The process involves coating the grill with a stick-resistant, black coating. This prevents food from sticking to the grill and adds flavor to the meat. 

Seasoning A Blackstone Griddle: The First Time

Make sure that you wipe the grill down before you begin seasoning it. This will remove any leftover dirt or debris from the manufacturing factory.

You can use a gentle soap, though microfiber cloths or moist paper towels will be just as effective. 

You Will Need the following:

Gather the following items before you start seasoning your Blackstone grill.

  • Blackstone Griddle Seasoning and Conditioner
  • A bucket filled with water
  • Heat-resistant tongs or gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Soap powder
  • Stick
  • Salt

Step 1: Wash The Griddle

Ensure that the Griddle is clean before you start seasoning. Add a little soap to your bucket of water and use it to wipe down the grill. 

Once you’ve finished cleaning it, use clean water to rinse it thoroughly, ensuring no soap, dust, or dirt remains. 

Step 2: Heat And Blacken The Griddle

After you have finished cleaning the Griddle, you can now heat it and allow it to blacken. This will help turn your Griddle’s flat top into a stick-resistant surface.

  • Set your burners to a high heat setting, then let the heat do its job.
  • The surface should start to brown after 15 minutes.
  • Switch the burners off after it turns brown.

Step 3: Use Oil

This will burn off any organic substances in the oil so that the polymers adhere to the Griddle. 

  • Begin by adding a light oil layer to the surface. Ensure that this isn’t too thick, as this can lead to chipping and residue on the metal.
  • Your Blackstone Conditioning product or other cooking oils, like olive, canola, and vegetable oils, suit this. 
  • Spread the oil with the paper towels, creating a thin layer. Remember to use tongs to prevent burning or injury.
  • Wipe all the oil off the surface, eliminating any remaining puddles.

Step 4: Reheating

  • Switch the heat on again.
  • The Griddle should blacken and start smoking.
  • This should take around half an hour.
  • After the Griddle has stopped smoking, you can switch the heat off again.

Step 5: Reoiling

  • Add another light oil layer, then heat it two or three times, allowing the Griddle to blacken.
  • The Griddle should keep smoking until it has blackened. 

Step 6: Last Layer

  • After you have carried out several re-oiling rounds, leave the Griddle to cool slightly.
  • Wipe it down using a layer of the Blackstone conditioning product. This will prevent the Griddle from oxidizing.
  • Remember to cover the Griddle when not using it, as this will prevent the metal from rusting.

Reseasoning A Blackstone Griddle

As long as you regularly cook on your Blackstone grill, your Griddle will remain sufficiently seasoned. 

However, if your griddle top starts peeling, flaking, or rusting, it might need reseasoning. You will need a griddle scraper and chainmail scratchpad to do this. 

  • Begin using the griddle scraper to scrape the food, oil, and rust off the Griddle. 
  • Turn the heat up to a high temperature for 15 minutes. This will help to loosen up any stubborn dirt.
  • Turn the heat down to medium again, wear heat-resistant gloves, and start scraping again.
  • Turn the heat off and use the scratchpad to work on the stubborn areas. You can use a little dish soap and water to help with this. 
  • Use a paper towel to wipe the surface. You will need to keep removing the dirt if it comes away grimy. If it is clean, you can begin reseasoning the Griddle with the abovementioned steps. 

Time It Takes To Season A Blackstone Griddle

Seasoning is a necessary step before you begin cooking on a Blackstone grill. The method isn’t difficult, but it can take some time. 

It can take between 15 and 20 minutes to apply every layer of oil and leave it to reach its smoking point, so plan accordingly.

Best Oils To Season Blackstone Griddle

The oils below will work well when seasoning a Blackstone grill. These include:

  • Olive oil
  • Shortening
  • Vegetable oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Canola oil
  • Blackstone Griddle Seasoning and Iron Conditioner

How Regularly Should You Season A Blackstone Griddle?

Cooking on your Blackstone grill should keep the Griddle seasoned. You can prevent the Griddle from rusting by ensuring the surface has a light oil layer. 

Here are some steps that you can do after your cooking sessions.

  • Clean the Griddle each time after you finish cooking, leaving the heat on as you do so. A squirt bottle filled with water is ideal for this. 
  • Once the Griddle hasn’t got any food, add a light oil layer to it, ensuring the heat is off.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to distribute the oil over the surface.
  • This light oil layer will prevent the Griddle from rusting and season it well between cooking sessions.

Seasoning Tips To Consider

Remember the following tips when your next season is your Blackstone griddle.

  • Never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers to clean the grill. 
  • Always wipe down the Griddle to remove moisture and dirt from its surface.
  • If the Griddle looks dull, add a light oil layer to freshen it up.

The Bottom Line

We hope this post will help you feel more prepared and confident when seasoning your Blackstone griddle. 

Remember to cover the grill when it isn’t used to avoid rust, and keep wiping it clean after every use to avoid food and oil sticking to the surface. 

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