How to whip eggwhites like a magician

how to whip egg whites like some kind of magician

It is truly magic. The proteins in egg whites are broken down and formed new bonds when they are vigorously beat. Air is trapped in this dense network. These bubbles give mousses, sponge cakes, and meringues buoyancy and lightness.

But it’s not just fancy desserts: Whipped cream is great for pancakes and waffles and can turn a normal omelette into an omelette soufflé. These are some tips for whipping whites well.

1. Be prepared for success

Use room-temperature eggs (cold whites won’t hold as much air) and a large, clean bowl. Even a tiny bit of fat can be irritating. A pinch of tartar can be added to the eggs before you start. This will help prevent them from turning over and increase their volume.

2. 2. Start slow

To make the egg whites more elastic, start by beating slowly. Once they are loose (you will notice that they become more frothy, see below) and appear homogeneous, you can start beating faster to inhale air.

3. The levels

You will notice a frothy appearance to your whites when you begin beating. The whites will then reach soft peaks, which hold their shape for a short time before sinking into a bowl. If you are adding sugar slowly, keep beating until you achieve medium peaks. They will curve at their top like a witch’s hat or, as the French say, d’oiseau. You will eventually reach stiff peaks which are straight and tall. At this point your mixture should be fluffy and airy, similar to shaving cream or marshmallow fluff.

4. 4.

Do not be tempted to rush: too much and the meringue may start crying, releasing water and creating lumps that will not work well as a batter. You can fix broken or twisted egg whites by adding an additional white to the mixture and stirring briefly. This will absorb any moisture back into the original whites. Don’t go overboard or you will be back at the beginning.

Whip the egg whites until fluffy and then eat as an angel

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