Is it possible to pit a cherry without a cherry pitter

can a cherry be pitted without a cherry pitter?

I won’t stop baking with cherries. Absolutely nothing! The tiny pit in the center stops a lot people. This includes the editor of this story, who admitted that he had never pitted cherries before. He said it was too much work.

You know what? It doesn’t matter if you use a paperclip, chopstick, patented cherries pitter or your bare hands to pit the fruit, it’s a problem. It is just as frustrating as peeling apples, cutting onions and green beans. We do this all with less whining. The pain of slicing a cherry can be painful, until you start to see it as meditative. It is part of the process. Let the world slow down. Pit!

There are many options for pitting cherries. But if you have more than six, you should just buy one. You can use them as little cannons to push the pits into one container and then throw the remaining hollowed cherries into the next. They produce cherry juice splashes which are easy to clean off. (Wear a goddamn apron already.) OXO’s is my favorite pitter. It is only $ 10 and can be used on olives as well. You will need to make a few stitches if the pit is not centered. It is quick and efficient, and stores for all winter.

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But, it takes a lot to persuade some people to pay that $ 10 To compare the results, I pitted sweet cherries in three different ways today. Hand pitting was by far the most difficult. A hack I had heard was to place a cherry on one side of a plastic straw and use a chopstick or a knife to push through the pit. It took me a whole minute longer than using a corer. The cherry stems and straws were always pitted, so I had to constantly stab my hand. ALL PUTTER.

Cherries are my favorite fruit. I love to bake with them until the early hours of the morning. OXO has released a MEGA Pitter for this year. It can make six cherries at once. It would take approximately the same time to pit each cherry as each individual pitter if you carefully placed each one before clamping them in place. It was literally timed. (36.5 seconds for 6 cherries. This design does not create splitters. It also traps the pits in a small trap. These details are very nice. However, I found that I was more likely to miss some pits. I had to double-check each cherry and count the pits in traps to make sure I got all of them.

Multi-corer that can core six cherries at the same time

This is why the single pitter remains my favorite. When you get your cherry assembly going, you will see each pit coming out. It can then be tucked away in the drawer alongside the infrequently used kitchen items.

Do you ever wonder if you should bake with cherries? No you do not. Get out of the yard and enjoy your summer.

After you’ve sorted through the pile, do these things:

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Sour cherry pie

A super-tender and toasty crust can be made by adding almond flour to your batter.

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