Johnny’s salty salt works well with everything. ALL THINGS.

johnny's seasoned salt goes well with everything. everything.

This column is called Highly Recommended. It’s dedicated to the obsessions of people in the food business with eating, drinking and buying right now.

Growing up in Tacoma Washington I believed my Lola to be the best cook on the planet. My Lola, my grandmother’s younger sister, is called “Lola”. She was a soldier woman, and my Lolo was stationed outside Tacoma at Fort Lewis. My whole family was able come to America because of her. Every meal Lola prepared was better. All the American dishes we couldn’t have at home, like lasagna and roast beef, would be served by Lola. Lola was also able to serve Filipino dishes like Lumpia. Lola makes everything better. Johnny’s seasoning salt was the secret to my success as a cook.

Johnny’s Seasoning Salt is an amazing combination of MSG, sea salt, garlic salt and onion powder. It is similar to Lawry but doesn’t contain any sugar. Johnny’s has a non-MSG option, but the original recipe remains. It’s a great addition to any dish. At my Musang restaurant, salt is not found in the pipes. Johnny’s will.

Johnny, the home cook’s favorite condiment, is all about simplicity and versatility. You don’t need five condiments or condiments when you could have one. It is used in my chicken stew, wintergreen, sarciadong and garlic fried potato recipes. But it also adds incredible depth to any type of meat, seafood or vegetable. It also makes popcorn taste amazing and salty peanuts with fried garlic taste great. It’s best to start with a light hand. The flavor is so intense that you might need less spices than you used to.

Who is this mysterious Johnny and how did he get there? John Meaker, who was 96 years old, was a Tacoma restaurateur that launched his spice line back in the 1950s. Johnny’s Fine Foods, which is still owned by an independent entity and made in Washington state, is still available. This is a remarkable achievement in an industry that is dominated by large spice and spice corporations. I tried to contact the company by sending emails and tagging them on Instagram. They need to know how important this yellow bottle is to me. Johnny’s Fine Foods, if you read this, I want to thank you for creating precious childhood memories and bringing my family closer. Johnny tastes just like home. When my cousins ​​and I visit and someone says, “This needs more salt,”We all know they don’t mean salt. It’s Johnnys.

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