“Kid of the Internet” Quinta Brunson wants us to keep growing (and growing and growing)

"kid of the internet" quinta brunson wants us to keep

In Person of Interest, we talk to the people who catch our eye about what they do, eat, read and love. Next is Quinta Brunson, Comedian, actress, viral video star and author of the new memoir She Memes Well.

For the past seven years Quinta Brunsonwas widely recognized as the delightfully awesome girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date, her first foray into online comedy in 2014. Clips of her have since been shared millions of times, be it her dry take on the Space Jam theme song or the spitting between her and her angry eyebrows from the Facebook watch series Quinta vs. Everything. But as the social media landscape has evolved over the past decade, so has Brunson.

The 31-year-old native of West Philadelphia jumped offline to television, where he works as a spokesperson for cartoons such as Big Mouth and Lazor Wulf. In 2019 she made her HBO debut as a performer on the Emmy-nominated A Black Lady Sketch Show; their new workplace sitcom, Abbott Elementary, will air on ABC later this year; and their latest project, a memoir titled She Memes Well, reveals a series of mistakes and milestones attributable to showing their “children of the internet” what it looks like to go ahead and grow, IRL.

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Brunson is also committed to making progress in the kitchen. In one of the essays in the book, “On Cooking”, she admits that she has a lack of cooking skills. “I cook on this pedestal, which unlocks the necessary elements for me to be a grown woman,” she writes. “I don’t think I can be such a strong artist or worker if my personal life isn’t strong.” Since moving in with her fiancé in Los Angeles, she has pledged to cook dinner at least once a week, although, as she wrote, working in the kitchen “scares her more than public speaking, nuclear war and abandonment”. [her] Telephone in an Uber combination. “

During a phone call, I find out that Brunson is just as straightforward and down-to-earth as she appears online. Leading up to the book’s release on June 15, we chat about her pursuit of mastery in meal preparation, her greatest hometown cravings, and the importance of setting boundaries in comedy.

Somebody once told me … There is a difference between a comic book, a comedian and a clown and you have to decide which one you want to be in your career. With a clown, it’s like, “Be silly to me!” To be a comic is to control the narrative that comes out of your life. And as a comedian, it’s about seeing the funny in everything. I said to myself, “I’ll live between comics and comedians, but I’ll never be a clown.”

I am a human… and not my work. I decided early on that my life wasn’t going to be my product. I’ve set myself a limit: I give people the work that was done to make them happy and laugh. I don’t have an opinion on people who are their job because that in and of itself has a purpose. But I knew to myself that this approach wouldn’t work.

For all the bad on the internet … I think there are people who do great things. Look at Will Smith and Leslie Jordan– those actors who found new ways to connect with new audiences on social media. I’m about 47 in internet years so my focus isn’t on the new, emerging platforms. I just couldn’t understand TikTok as the creator. It didn’t click for me. But I can never say that I’ll take it off the table completely. I think the internet is constantly evolving.

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