Loisas Sazón and Adobo even impressed my Puerto Rican grandma

loisas sazón and adobo even impressed my puerto rican grandma

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My grandma receives a cascade of amber powder. The powder falls from my grandma’s hand and mixes with the pinto beans in their pot. There are notes of garlic, achiote, and oregano. She pulls the beans out of the oven and adds a pinch of another powder to the tostones. This powder is as yellow as the plantain. Sazón and Adobo are a popular standard in many Boricua kitchens and always close at hand – and when I need supplies I look for Loisa.

Loisa Bio Sazón Spice

Historically, my family (and almost everyone else I knew) always used Goya’s Sazón and Adobo. Loisa Bio Sazon Spice was a company I was interested in. A company that could compete with Goya. (This was one year prior to the brand boycott that many were looking for other options. After getting my hands on Loisas Adobo and Sazón, I rushed to my grandma’s house and with a lot of persuasion she tried it. The deep red sazón exuded a strong aroma of cumin and garlic, and the almost glittering golden adobo burst with the aromas of turmeric, garlic and a hint of oregano. After using Loisa, Goya looked pale in comparison. Even my grandma was surprised.

Loisa was founded by Scott Hattis, Kenny Luna and Yadira Garcia to reproduce the Latin American spices that they love. Loisa uses organic ingredients and is free from preservatives and coloring. The Sazón gives Sancocho or Arroz con Gandules smokiness and depth. For a more hearty flavor, I add the adobo to root vegetables (fried yuca will never taste the same) and to Pernil marinades.

Loisa Organic Adobo Spice

I don’t have to change my grandma’s recipes when using Loisa as the spice blends were formulated with Puerto Rican cuisine in mind. You may not be the one my grandma grew up with, but Loisa Adobo and Sazón deserved a place in their kitchen – and mine.

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