My favorite Joyoung soymilk maker is this Joyoung

this joyoung soy milk maker is my favorite

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Hot soy milk in Taiwan, my home, is a fundamental right. This is the first thing that many families make every morning. To make a hearty soup, you can add some sugar or pickled mustard stalks. You can also add a strudel with soy sauce and some oily, deep-fried breadsticks. My preference is hot and plain with all the bean-like flavors intact. Soy milk, just like coffee, loses its richness if it isn’t made and consumed within the same day.

The centuries-old tradition of bean milk production in China has resulted in some unusual machines and devices that can be used to make this process easier. Here’s how it works: Simply put beans and water into your machine and then press the button. My family has been a soy milk maker since childhood. Joyoung is China’s most renowned manufacturer of soymilk machines. Although it was an automated jug, you had to strain the milk manually to obtain a smooth, creamy product. It was okay, but it could have been even better.

My mom just upgraded her kitchen tech. I was able to visit her in the summer and discovered that she now owns a Joyoung DJ10UK. This multifunctional machine can expel not only soy milk but also any nut or seed milk you desire, as well as hot water. It doesn’t need to be filtered anymore. You can drink the milk as soft as butter.

Although the machine is quite expensive at $ 433, it has a huge draw: its self-cleaning function. Previous generations of the soymilk maker required that you scrub the parts as the chips from the powdered beans build up after each brew. All of this is possible with the new machine, which uses steam and a powerful pump for water. The machine also features a timer that allows you to add the soybeans overnight and then schedule fresh milk the next morning. The amazing power of technology means that you don’t have to soak your beans or nuts the night before. This is a normal step that softens them and allows for more milk production.

Joyoung can make a variety of breakfast drinks for you. It prepares coffee with a lot of milk or orange juice. The soy milk is fine for me, but it’s okay to go wild. It’s the beverage machine that does it all.

young soy milk manufacturer

Joyoung DJ10U-K1 multifunction soy milk maker

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