My grandpa’s marinated peppers always have a place in my fridge

my grandpa's marinated peppers always have a place in my

Like so many of us, my love for food began when I was a single-digit kid, sitting at the counter of the cozy restaurant on my grandfather’s second floor in Tokyo. It is a time that I remember with great fondness. He taught me to dance around his small kitchen and to appreciate simple, high-quality ingredients. It also taught me that cooking can be fun and entertaining for friends, family, and strangers. To this day there is one dish that immediately transports me back to this magical time: its marinated peppers, or as he called them, “peppers”.

This simple dish transforms humble peppers. The skin of the peppers is charred to a crisp under the grill, just like with eggplant for Baba Ganoush. This makes the meat tender, slightly smoky and delicious. After all of the sides of the peppers are charred, they are allowed to cool and during this time they begin to release a caramelized pepper juice that is liquid gold – it gives the marinade a caramel-like sweetness that * chefs kiss *. Next, get to work with the peppers. Peeling the crispy skin from the peppers is satisfying. After the meat has cooled, add olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, fresh basil and the reserved pepper marinate. You’ll need to use the finest ingredients for this simple dish, including the best extra virgin olive oils, freshest garlic, and the most flavorful sweet Basil. You should use a mix of red, yellow and orange peppers to get the best flavor and aesthetic.

I love to snack on marinated paprika strips alone, but my favorite way to eat “hot peppers” is a fresh piece of baguette with a pinch of smelly blue cheese. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. I always have a glass on hand to put on a starter board for last-minute guests; it immediately makes a platter of supermarket cheese very impressive. Making a batch of marinated peppers can also be used as a meal preparation. Fork a tangle on grilled chicken sandwiches layered with slices of feta; add something for lunch in a cereal bowl or green leaf salad, using the marinade as a dressing; chop and use to make a serving of pasta salad. There are many options.

My grandfather's marinated peppers always have a place in my fridge

Marinated peppers with basil and garlic

On a cheese platter, in a sandwich, over scrambled eggs – is there anything that can’t be improved by a spoonful of peppers marinated in silky peppers? (No.

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