Sach Paneer has been my taste of home, and I miss it.

sach paneer is the taste of home that i have

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Moving from India and New York required me to leave behind many things I was used to – pani puri and all types of chaat and rickshaws, my mother’s cooking, and fresh paneer. Paneer is unripened cheese made with curdled buffalo milk or cow milk, acid, and other ingredients. Paneer does not melt, but it keeps its shape when heated. It is an excellent source of protein in South Asia for vegetarians (it’s not just me who loves cheese!). Since I moved to the USA, I have tried at least half a dozen brands. I searched for paneer that had the same creamy texture as my home and subtle saltiness. One was too dry, the other was bland. Sach Paneer was my favorite.

Sach Paneer uses only ethically and sustainably-sourced ingredients. This includes organic milk that has been derived from grazing cows from family farms throughout Northern California. Sachs original recipe uses only three ingredients: milk, vinegar, and sea salt. This gives the cheese a sweet, rich creaminess. You can also try habanero which is mildly spicy and turmeric which is earthy with peppery notes.

Paneer is a staple ingredient in Indian cuisines like paneer-tikka masala, butter paneer masala, and saag paneer. But, I sometimes mix it up and use it in non Indian recipes. You can use it in tacos: sprinkle taco seasoning onto diced paneer, then fry it in olive oil until golden brown. Next, place the cheese in corn tortillas, and top it with red onions, green sauce, and lime. The same spice cubes can be used to make avocados and chilled beans. To give my salads an extra kick, I add crumbled paneer marinated in harissa to the top. For the perfect picnic sandwich, season paneer with salt & pepper and fry it in oil to golden brown. Next, I slice it thinly and place it on toasted bread with spicy mayonnaise, spinach, red and green bell peppers, cucumber, and mayonnaise. Sach Paneer is versatile enough to be worn multiple times, but the best part is that it tastes great even when you only have to do it once.

Let me just say, I’m a junkie. Sach Foods is expanding rapidly into supermarkets throughout the country. However, until I can find it in my local grocery store I will continue to have it delivered directly to my home. The subscription option allows me to enjoy the taste of home at any time. You can purchase paneer blocks in individual or sample packs.

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