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I must confess that I have been embarrassingly slow to join the masses in reducing my kitchen use of single-use plastic for landfill. While I knew that long-term, systemic environmental advances were needed to secure the future of our planet, I also knew that at least I could reduce my reliance on wasteful plastic products. But I dragged my feet. Surely, I thought, switching to reusable storage bins wouldn’t be easy or efficient, and it certainly wouldn’t be cute. But then I discovered Stasher Bags, the reusable, dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe silicone bags that are also available in the pastel chewing gum pink of my Y2K dreams. Even better – they’re 30% off during Amazon Prime Day 2021.

The first time I got my hands on my Stasher bags, which I ordered in different colors and sizes, I was excited about the order they would bring to my fridge – no stained Tupperware and arbitrarily saran-wrapped bowls that the Cluttered shelves. It didn’t take long to fill my lime-green, gallon-sized mega-bag with dozens of cookie dough balls and a cantaloupe sandwich stasher with crackers from a half-eaten sausage board. Pocket-sized snacks and stasher bags meant I stopped wasting half a can of tomato paste or one last chipotle in Adobo. And it wasn’t long before I realized that there is no better way to store raw meat than in a medium-sized stasher in lavender. The leak-proof seal means there is no risk of chicken juice seeping into your refrigerator.

One more word on that seal – stasher bags close so tightly (especially Pinch-Loc ™ sealing technology) that you can even have sous vide in them. Place your ingredient of choice – be it a piece of steak or a couple of pickled onions for a quick pickle – in a stasher bag, dip it in hot water, and let the sous vide magic happen. This guide on how to steam vegetables in stashers has all the worries I had about cooking my cute little silicone pouches, and now I add more products to my meals without working in front of a stove. Tired of boiling water? Microwave a mini stand-up pouch filled with chicken tagine and basmati from last night. Leave it half open for optimal ventilation and half closed to avoid splashing and to keep the meat moist. This is for you, Team No Microwave: you can use the same method to reheat your stasher leftovers in the oven as well. And when you’ve used them for cooking or food storage, just toss them in the top basket of the dishwasher

With Stasher bags in every size and color for Amazon Prime Day 2021, I am expanding my collection and approaching the banishment of single-use plastic from my kitchen. I knew that switching to Stasher bags would help the environment. I didn’t think that they would make my life that much easier either.

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