The 10 best kitchen deals for early Amazon Prime Day 2021 that Bon Appétit editors are asking for

the 10 best kitchen deals for early amazon prime day

Like Christmas and my mom’s praise, Amazon Prime Day only comes once a year. While it doesn’t technically start until Monday, we’ve rounded up the best early Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals to buy right now. If you’ve been waiting for a Mondo sale to buy this Le Creuset or replace your rusty springform pan, get it early before the hordes sink (and check out the mattress and vacuum offerings while you’re at it too are). . Amazon Prime Day begins June 21st at midnight PST and lasts for 48 hours. So if you’re not a Prime member, log in here and check back on Monday as we continue to reveal the best kitchen deals.

With this 24-piece glass food storage set (now 40% off) you are well on the way to getting single-use plastics out of your kitchen.

Bayco 24-Piece Glass Storage Food Containers

In the eternal words of Sisqo, “pliers pliers pliers”, so to speak. Save almost 50% on this 9-inch set (Test Kitchen Director Chris Morocco’s preferred length of pliers) and 12-inch silicone-tipped pliers.

Silicone and stainless steel pliers – pack of 2

Perhaps the best early Amazon Prime Day 2021 deal of them all is this 3.5 quart Le Creuset sauté pan, now 40% off. Not quite as deep as Le Creuset’s iconic Dutch Oven, the sauté pan has a wide base ideal for browning and braising, and its sloping sides allow you to really get into corners with a whisk or spoon.

Image could contain: pot, dutch oven, duct tape and bowl

Le Creuset sauté pan in enamelled cast iron (3.5 qt.)

In 2017, we boldly claimed that a fish spatula was the only spatula you need, and we stand by it. Tender enough for top pancakes but sturdy enough to turn a burger, a fish spatula is a versatile kitchen tool that every amateur cook needs. Save over 50% on this Amazon Prime Day.

Stainless steel fish spatula

Did you buy a ton of dried beans last year? Are they still in your pantry? You need an instant pot. We love instant pots for beans (indulge your eyes with those pressure cooker gigante beans in tomato sauce), as well as broth and rice. With 50% discount, you shouldn’t sleep on this offer.

Instant Pot Duo Plus, 6 quart

For cookies and candies – especially sticky ones like florentines and marshmallows – a silicone baking mat is a must. No more running out of parchment or scraping melted caramel off baking sheets. During Amazon Prime Day 2021, Silpats will be sold in both half-arch and jelly roll pan sizes.

Did the lack of a springform pan stop you from making a Basque roasted cheesecake? Your time is now.

9 inch spring pan cake pan

Anyone who’s bought a refurbished iPhone or a leased car knows there are deals out there if you don’t mind buying something that isn’t brand new. Vitamixes are no exception, and with this early Amazon Prime Day deal, you can get your hands on a refurbished Explorian blender for a great value.

This image can contain appliance and mixer

Vitamix Explorian Blender (overhauled)

Save this beautiful stainless steel kettle for my princesses.

Electric kettle with gooseneck made of stainless steel

If, like digital editor-in-chief Amanda Shapiro, you’re a virgin who loves a good system, stock up on these wire storage baskets, currently 32% off.

Image could contain: shopping cart and shopping cart

Wire Storage Baskets – Pack of 4

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