The 29 best kitchen deals during Amazon Prime Day 2021 according to Bon Appétit Editors

the 16 best kitchen deals during amazon prime day 2021

Like Christmas and my mom’s praise, Amazon Prime Day only comes once a year. These are the best kitchen deals that you will see by Black Friday. So, if you’ve been waiting for a Mondo sale to buy that TikTok Air Fryer, Instant Pot, or Pellet Ice Maker, now is the time. Thousands of items are discounted, from large household items – check them all out here – to our favorite pantry items. Grab a mattress while you’re there. Maybe a robotic vacuum cleaner and a family pack of granola bars to keep your blood sugar levels high while you look for deals, deals, DEALS. Amazon Prime Day runs until midnight tomorrow (if you’re not a Prime member, log in here) and we’ll update this post regularly to showcase all of the best kitchen deals currently active. Check back again because these Lightning Deals are going faster than Jeff Bezos’ space rocket.

Join the cult of the stasher bag (One of Us! One of Us!) And get one step closer to a kitchen without disposable plastic. In addition to being reusable, stasher bags are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe and can even replace disposable plastic sous vide bags. 30% discount on over 50 Stasher Bag products on this Amazon Prime Day.

Did you buy a ton of dried beans last year? Are they still in your pantry? You need an instant pot. We love instant pots for beans (indulge your eyes with those pressure cooker gigante beans in tomato sauce) as well as broth and rice. With 54% discount, you shouldn’t sleep on this offer.

Instant Pot Duo Plus, 6 quart

You really need a Dutch Oven, and Lodge makes a great one. Grab one for 40% off and make soup.

Image could contain: bowl, soup bowl, saucepan and dutch oven

IYKYK. Search #nuggetice on TikTok and you will see dozens of videos made by avid fans of this obsessed ice cream machine. (Read all about it here.) Yes, it’s expensive, but $ 100 off today and tomorrow.

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Giving someone a mandolin without throwing protective gloves in is like dating someone knowing that you are emotionally unavailable – someone will be hurt and it will be your fault. Don’t be that guy.

Mandolin slicer with protective gloves

In the eternal words of Sisqo, “pliers pliers pliers pliers”, so to speak. Save almost 50% on this 9-inch set (Test Kitchen Director Chris Morocco’s preferred length of pliers) and 12-inch silicone-tipped pliers.

Silicone and stainless steel pliers – pack of 2

Foodsaver vacuum sealers are great when you are shopping in bulk and want to make sure 60 chicken legs don’t develop freezer burn. But they are also an indispensable tool if you want sous vide. Throw our most popular sous vide machine, the Breville Joule, into your shopping cart and you’re good to go.

With this 24-piece glass food storage set (now 40% off) you are well on the way to getting single-use plastics out of your kitchen.

Bayco 24-Piece Glass Storage Food Containers

Perhaps the best early Amazon Prime Day 2021 deal of them all is this 3.5 quart Le Creuset sauté pan, now 40% off. Not quite as deep as Le Creuset’s iconic Dutch Oven, his sauté pan has a wide base ideal for browning and braising, and its sloping sides allow you to really get into corners with a whisk or spoon.

Image could contain: pot, dutch oven, duct tape and bowl

Le Creuset sauté pan in enamelled cast iron (3.5 qt.)

In 2017, we boldly claimed that a fish spatula was the only spatula you need, and we stand by it. Tender enough for top pancakes but sturdy enough to turn a burger, a fish spatula is a versatile kitchen tool that every amateur cook needs. Save over 50% on this Amazon Prime Day.

Stainless steel fish spatula

Living alone has many advantages – all you have to do is tidy up, no one is eating your fancy yogurt, and pants are entirely optional. But what should you do when you live alone and want half a glass of wine? Enter the Coravin, which sucks a portion of wine through a thin needle that you stick through the cork. In contrast to a normal stopper, the Coravin fills this negative space with inert argon gas so that the rest of the wine does not oxidize.

Coravin Wine Opener and Preserver

Does it sometimes feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t air-fry? Just me? There are two main types of air fryers – those with baskets that slide out like drawers and those that are more like multitasking toaster ovens. This guy is the latter. It’s essentially a small convection oven with a rotisserie spit in the middle, so a juicy chicken and crispy fries will be yours in about 48 hours.

COSORI hot air fryer toaster 12-in-1

For cookies and candies – especially sticky ones like florentines and marshmallows – a silicone baking mat is a must. No more running out of parchment or scraping melted caramel off baking sheets. During Amazon Prime Day 2021, Silpats will be sold in both half-arch and jelly roll pan sizes.

Anyone who’s bought a refurbished iPhone or a leased car knows there are deals out there if you don’t mind buying something that isn’t brand new. Vitamixes are no exception, and this early Amazon Prime Day deal is a great way to get your hands on a refurbished Explorian blender for a great value.

This image can contain appliance and mixer

Vitamix Explorian Blender (overhauled)

You know how to go to the farmer’s market and don’t want to take a single-use plastic bag with you so that you end up awkwardly juggling six peaches, four corn on the cob, a bunch of kale and a bag full of field beans? It doesn’t have to be like that. Grab a set of these washable mesh bags and you’ll never need a plastic bag again.

Mesh bags for products

PurifYou reusable product bags (set of 9)

In our very scientific vacuum bottle test (it was a Thermapen, okay?) The S’well drinking bottle emerged as the clear winner. It kept hot beverages hotter than any of its competitors, and the ice water temperature only rose 7 degrees F after a full 24 hours. We tested the 17-ounce version, but the 9-ounce and 25-ounce bottles are also in Offer.

Image could contain: bottle, shaker and water bottle

S’well stainless steel drinking bottle

Kickstarter-funded, direct-to-consumer kitchenware brand Misen makes premium knives that won’t break the bank – especially during Amazon Prime Day when their chef’s knife is 20% cheaper.

In terms of value for money, a $ 27 upfront cast iron pan is one of the best kitchen options out there. But a $ 18 cast iron pan? That is VALUE.

Image could contain: wok, frying pan, sunglasses, accessories and supplies

If, like digital editor-in-chief Amanda Shapiro, you’re a virgin who loves a good system, stock up on these wire storage baskets, currently 32% off.

Image could contain: shopping cart and shopping cart

Wire Storage Baskets – Pack of 4

If you’re wondering why a headlamp is one of the best kitchen choices, listen to us – it’s an indispensable barbecue tool. If you’ve ever waved your cell phone flashlight over a hot grill while trying to douse and turn, this listing is for you.

BioLite rechargeable headlamp

This creamy cashew paste is a favorite of BA employees who never think about buying enough nut milk. One tub makes 7 liters of nut milk. Think of all the smoothies! And cappuccino! And dairy-free biscuit dunking milk!

Joi cashew milk concentrate

A good toaster can do everything a real oven can. A whole 12-inch pizza fits into this particularly evenly heating toaster, which has convection, grill and, of course, toast functions. Save 35% (over $ 100!) On this Amazon Prime Day.

Our workhorse cutting board is a boos block (also on sale), but if you’re dealing with raw meat, grab one of these plastic mats. They take up almost no space on the counter or in the drawer and can be put in the dishwasher for easy disinfection. In addition, they each have a non-slip back so that even your family member can safely chop with butter fingers.

Flexible cutting board mats made of plastic

Bacon. Pancakes. Burger for 10. When you want to feed a crowd or just casually say, “Oh that? I cooked it a la plancha. ”You need a cast iron griddle. With a 50% discount, this preseasonal number from Lodge is a bargain.

A chic kitchen is characterized by two features: one of those articulated pot fittings above the stove and pull-out organizer in each cupboard. Upgrade your space without doing a full HGTV Reno with these cabinet organizers – perfect for storing the lids for pots and pans.

Home Zone Drawer Organizer

The idea of ​​Chicken Jerky puzzled me at first, but Brave Good Kind’s bite-sized pieces of chicken are now on the regular rotation of the snack drawer. They’re tender, not chewy or stringy – think of dried apricots more than dried mango – and while they have a desirable savory-sweet thing, they aren’t loaded with too much sugar.

Brave Good Kind Tender Chicken Bites, pack of 10

We don’t like to say it, but there are only two good ways to sharpen your knives – take them to a professional or buy a whetstone. These electric or manual pull-through devices can put strain on your blades. So if you want to keep your precious Santoku with you for years, take this set of Dalstrong sharpening stones.

The Indonesian recipes in Bon Appétit’s first cookbook, Lara Lee, Coconut & Sambal, have it all. Whether you’re looking for an anchovy-strewn green chilli sambal or a bundle of rice noodles with pork and shrimp, you will find that every recipe in this book attracts a dish with great taste and attention.

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Turn your KitchenAid stand mixer into a pasta machine with this three-part expansion package.

Image could contain: noodles, groceries, and pasta

Kitchen Aid 3-piece pasta machine attachments

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