The amazing coffee machine “Pure Over”, can be used to get rid of all paper filters.

with the breathtaking coffee machine "pure over" you can get

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How do you make the perfect cup at home of coffee? Perry, my husband, says it’s a high quality espresso machine. It’s a French press, according to me. After many years of debate, we all seemed to be destined for continued fighting – until the Pure Over.

Pure Over is a combination coffee machine that can be used as a French-flavour press or pour over. It is made entirely from glass and is both functional and beautiful. It does not need bowls or filters. It is made up of four parts: a mug and a dropper. The dropper should be placed on the mug. Next, add medium-ground coffee beans to the mug. Finally, place the diffuser cover on the dropper. Slowly pour boiling water into the lid. The holes in the lid regulate the flow of water into the drip chamber below. This evenly saturates your coffee. No paper is required, the grounds act as a filter. The result is a mug with the right taste and accessibility that my husband loves.

The Pure Over is the creation of a 32-year-old Java expert and glass artist. Etai Rahmil. He developed a new brewing method after running out of paper filters in his Portland, Oregon, glass factory. Rahmil works withborosilicate which is a special glass that can withstand extreme temperatures without breaking. “The glass is a natural heat insulator that helps the drink stay at the optimal temperature for longer,”He elaborates. It’s also easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher.

Rahmil claims that 1.5 million trees are needed to make the 275,000,000 coffee filters each year. In addition, the average coffee drinker discards 25,000 filters every day at a cost $ 6,500. The pour-over not only makes a strong, delicious cup of coffee but also gives me the feeling that I am doing my part to save the planet. My husband is also a fan.

Pure Over Glass Coffee Set

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