The best pan for eggs is the Zwilling Madura Plus non-stick frying pan

the best pan for eggs is the zwilling madura plus

When I sear a pork tenderloin or make a pan pizza, my cast iron pan is the best tool for the job. But the best pan for eggs is without a doubt a non-stick frying pan. For flawless omelets, creamy scrambled eggs, and crispy fried eggs, I want a pan that is as smooth as a greased air hockey table. The Madura Plus non-stick pan from Zwilling is just that. I own the entire cookware set – from a 6-inch pan for a single fried egg to the 11-inch pan that I use for a Spanish tortilla.

The forged aluminum construction of these pans means they heat up quickly on the stove – a nice change from a cast iron – and are compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction hobs, thanks to a magnetic plate at the bottom of the pan. The handle is covered with a sturdy plastic layer so that it feels cool even in high heat. (Don’t throw it under the grill, but it’s oven safe up to 300 ° F for finishing or heating a frittata and up to 400 ° F on the stove.)

For maximum nonstick pan life, use a rubber spatula when stirring eggs.

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It’s the DuraSlide Granite non-stick coating that makes this the best egg pan I’ve ever used. Nonstick cookware has either a ceramic coating, made of clay or sand, which sometimes has durability issues, or a PTFE layer, commonly known as Teflon. DuraSlide is a type of PTFE coating that is incredibly scratch-resistant and, according to Zwilling, 40 times more stable than conventional PTFE-coated pans.

If the word “Teflon” sounds alarm bells in your head, you know that much of PTFE’s reputation comes from perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, a potentially harmful chemical that was once used in the manufacture of PTFE. Zwilling’s Madura Plus pan set is PFOA-free, and the manufacture and use of PFOA has been banned in the United States since 2015.

I breathe easier knowing my egg pans are high quality, heavy use, but that doesn’t mean I’m inconsiderate. You live alone in a closet where you will never get scratched. Stacking a nonstick pan with other pans or cutlery will knock the hell out of them. After I finish boiling the eggs, I brush, dry, and put mine in a place where nothing else will touch them. (They’re dishwasher safe, but I recommend hand washing.) Zwilling says it’s cool to use metal utensils on the non-stick surface, but I stick to a rubber spatula when whipping scrambled eggs. Why take the risk? This baby is extending their lifespan, and when I talk about the best nonstick pans out there, I want them to live as long as possible. I want them to live forever.

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Zwilling Madura Plus non-stick pan, 10 inch

Better to get the scrambled eggs right.

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