These tiny LED grow lights keep my houseplants alive and my mind in check

these tiny led grow lights keep my houseplants alive and

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Every time I check my plants, I talk to them. I encourage them to persevere! after I notice hanging leaves or brown crusts forming on the edges. I quietly order them not to die while pinching their stems, and fear overwhelms me as I realize they have turned to a pulp.

These conversations are one-sided, but somehow the tone has taken a turn lately. “Wow, where do all these leaves come from?” I will ask my dwarf ZZ, surprised and impressed that he is alive. “You look so good,” I say to my very pink Chinese evergreen, which looked very fragile (and crispy ?!) a few months ago. My little chats with my plants are no longer desperate and self-flagellation, but an unintentional pat on the back for me, a former plant noob who has blossomed into a real plant parent. And all thanks to my GrowLED plant lights.

Before owning these lamps, zero plants survived life in my apartment. ZERO. Let this sad statistic sink in. As I spent more time at home over the past year, more time reading blogs and following expert greenshumbs on IG, and more time obsessing myself over my plants, I realized that the greatest threat to them was in mine Apartment thriving was actually a lack of natural light. I clung to that fact partly because it acquitted me and partly because it made total sense. My apartment has huge windows (10 feet high!), But it’s stuck between office buildings, meaning it doesn’t get direct sunlight and weak indirect sunlight. Even low-light plants like succulents struggled to sit on my window sills.

So I took matters into my own hands and got myself a double pack of these LED lights, mainly because they wouldn’t make my apartment look like a rave at night. They come in smooth, matte shades (white, blue, yellow!) And are shaped like small umbrellas with what I say is a mid-century modern look. I also noticed the keywords “Ideal for Plant Grow Novice” in the article name (GrowLED gets me).

The lights are easy to install. You simply clip the cord to the lamp itself, plug it into an electrical outlet (get an extension cord if your plants are away from electrical outlets as the GrowLED cord itself is short; less than five feet ), dip the pointed tip of the lamp into the bottom of your plant and you’re done! They come with a timer if you don’t want to remember to turn the lights on and off, but I love to play god, turn the lights on when the sun goes down and turn them off before I go to sleep. The light is 4000K, a warm light that apparently is ideal for plants as it has a good amount of blue light to regulate water and carbon dioxide uptake and yellow light for growth (thanks, blogs and plant experts!). The lamp itself is small, but adjustable in height so that it can grow with your plants.

It’s been six months since I started using the lights and they changed my life from home forever. All thrive.

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GrowLED umbrella plants grow light

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