This facial razor is for women.

this facial razor for women does it all

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I’ve never been a huge fan of beauty products. I use a low-cost drugstore face wash, and I still have unopened anti-aging products that my mother bought me as she waited in TJ Maxx checkouts over the years. I wasn’t sure I would choose a particular brand, but I realized I had been recommending a beauty product for over a decade. It was the Dorco Tinkle Eyebrow Razor.

This small, pen-sized facial shaver for women is portable-friendly and affordable. Six pastel-colored sticks cost $ 5, and each stick lasts for around half a dozen. Tinkle works wonders for shaping eyebrows. It is less painful and precise than plucking with tweezers, and it acts like cheek lint when you have fine hair. I guarantee that the fluff won’t grow back any more coarser or shamefully multiplied. There’s no shame in showing your hair!I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed of their hair. This is my way of taking a friendship to the next level. Nothing increases intimacy faster than sharing tips on how you can landscape rogue facial hair.

When someone in my family gets a pony, I love to slide a tinkle across a table while sipping cocktails. As the pied piper of a hairstyle, I allow the newly framed to cut themselves. Trimming bangs tarnishes takes much longer than shaving your face. You may only get two use of each razor. However, it has been a great way to remove the fringe around my eyes and to remove facial framing between haircuts.

For a gentle, inexpensive exfoliant, I have been ringing my entire neck and face for the past few months. This also allows me to peel off any skin that has dried for a smoother complexion. Dermaplaning is a term that has become a booming market for face shaves. It includes high-end tools and advanced claims. Any razor can be used to exfoliate the skin, but a multiblade razor is more effective at removing dead skin cells and fine hair.

It’s almost therapeutic, and as fun as removing a few blackheads. I cannot say this women’s razor helped my hormonal acne in my 30s. This now blends nicely with the slow creeping aging. There aren’t any silver bullets in beauty, I guess. A good tinkle is still the best.

Dorco Tinkle eyebrow pencil

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