This knife has replaced almost all of the other cutlery in my kitchen

this knife has replaced almost all of the other cutlery

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“Useful, especially because you can perform several functions”, is how the dictionary defines “usefulness”. Since my first adult kitchen, I’ve been married to the same standard 8-inch chef’s knife and rotating case of paring knives. But ever since the Knife Master Kawashima 6-inch utility knife came into my life a few months ago, it’s pretty much stuck to my hand.

Kawashima 6 inch utility knife

The knife master Kawashima all-purpose knife embodies his name perfectly. It is shorter and more manoeuvrable than a chef’s knife, but more robust than a paring knife, so that breakfast fruits such as kiwis, mangoes and avocados can be processed quickly. But larger products such as melons, sweet potatoes and pineapples can also be processed with beauty and grace, and the curved handle and slightly angled blade enable the rocking movement you want when dicing onions and chopping fresh herbs.

It’s terrifyingly spicy too. According to the knife master, the Kawashima knives have the sharpest blades they have ever made, made from powdered steel by third generation knife craftsmen in Seki, the capital of knife production in Japan. They were designed by Shoichi Kawashima, a legendary Japanese blade smith, and named after him. I’ll say that when I first used it to cut raw chicken legs for a pan, I gasped at how seamlessly the blade went through.

I’ve been with BA long enough to know that there are only three types of knife in kitchen cutlery that you really have to buy. But I also learned that knives are very personal. Perhaps your perfect knife is a cleaver or a small knife. As for me, I’m not going to get rid of my 8-inch chef’s knife (a Master Knife Meridian Elite in case you’re curious) anytime soon. I use it for the big jobs like carving whole chickens and cutting butternut squash in half. And there are still tomatoes to struggle with: little serrated knife, I’m looking at you. But this utility knife can do just about anything else. Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep it sharp.

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