This natural bug spray actually works

this natural bug spray actually works

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I’m always the person in the group who is eaten alive by mosquitoes, whether it’s hiking in the woods or eating out in the city. The red bites inevitably appear in the worst places: fingers, knuckles, the part of my back that I can’t reach. After returning home from a couple of long picnics and dinners on the patio with more than my fair share of itchy souvenirs, in midsummer I decided to use bug spray like I do with SPF: every time I leave my apartment. But first I had to top up.

Fortunately, an internet friend told me about Kinfield’s Golden Hour, a DEET-free bug spray that uses Indonesian citronella to keep mosquitos away. I’ll be honest: I try my hand at natural skin care, but the idea of ​​using natural bug spray didn’t convince me. Avoiding mosquitoes, I thought, after years of personal attack by them, was a chemical job. But my DEET-heavy repellant felt too intense for everyday city use. (DEET, developed by the US Army in 1946, is generally harmless, but in high doses it can irritate the skin and is toxic if swallowed.) The scent alone was strong enough that I didn’t want to use it indoors, and I don’t have a balcony or terrace to spray quickly on.

Thanks to the addition of vanillin and cloves, Golden Hour actually smells good. I’ve even had strangers ask what scent I’m wearing. But more importantly, it works. I have tested Golden Hour both in the city and in the country and have been happily bite free so far. (The one day I forgot to put something on while barbecuing in the backcountry, I definitely reaped the itchy aftermath.) I spray my knees, ankles, and other most bitten areas before leaving the house and wear that 0.8 oz travel spray in my bag to reapply in case I’m out at dusk. For serious camping I’ll probably still pack the DEET, but now I’ve never been left in the park without protection after dark. My ankles are grateful.

Kinfield Bug spray bottle on yellow background.

Kinfield Golden Hour Natural Bug Spray

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