This peanut-y karekare sauce is my favorite accompaniment to every meal

i eat this peanut y kare kare sauce with every meal

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Kare-kare reminds of home. When I returned from college, the hearty, rich stew that my grandmother or father had prepared was waiting for me. It was reserved for holidays and special occasions. These days, I order most of my Filipinx food from Filipinx restaurants. I’d eat it every single day if I could. Fila Manila Kare Kare Sauce is why I keep it in my kitchen.

Kare-kare, a traditional Southeast Asian curry made with peanuts, braised beef or oxtail, is hearty and funky. It is delicious with pak choi and beans. Kare-Kare is all in the sauce. It gets its reddish-bronze color and taste from a few annatto seeds, bagoong or fermented Shrimp paste. Every Filipinx family will have their own approach to this. Some prefer their sauce thinner while others prefer it thicker. I like to spice mine up with bird’s-eye chili, but you can also buy ready-made karekare sauce in a jar. Fila Manila is one of my favorites.

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Fila Manila Peanut Sauce for Dogs

Fila Manila tastes sweeter and nuttier than other brands due to the additions date nectar, coconut vinegar, and honey. You can expect all the traditional kare-kare flavors, but it isn’t too assertive. I love that it allows me to experiment with different ingredients depending on my needs. It’s flexible and versatile, making it a great starting sauce if your goal is to learn Filipino cuisine.

Fila Manila kare kare sauce works well for kare kare. However, I’ve been using the sauce for almost every other purpose lately. Cook the large shrimp with the grits. You can also make pad thai by adding some tamarind juice and brown sugar to the peanut sauce. It was delicious with pasta. After blanching a few bucatini, I add fila manila to make a beurre blanc sauce. This makes the pasta very aromatic and unctuous. It can also be added to grilled cheese. Before toasting the bread, I spread the butter on each slice. It gives bread a lot of color and taste and goes well with Münster and smoked Gouda. It’s amazing! I don’t know why. Fila Manila made it up.

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Pantry Fried Prawns with KareKare Butter Recipe

Fried prawns with Kare-kare Butter

Harold Villarosa’s Filipino staple Kare-Kare is transformed into a peanut buttery, spicy spice that can be used to spoon over any shellfish.

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