This splatter screen is faster to clean and makes it easier to crispen food

this splatter screen makes for faster cleaning and crisper food

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My mother was horrified to learn that I became a good cook only after she moved out of my house. Although her timing wasn’t ideal, my late inheritance of her talent for creating a perfect workplace was a blessing. I wash dishes and place the ingredients in the trash as I go. To keep the leftovers, I use a trash bowl. After I’m done eating I like to keep my kitchen clean.

Oil splashes from high heat on the hob are a constant problem. Oil can get everywhere, from corners to nooks and crevices, and it can be a pain to clean up. This problem plagued me for years. I would reluctantly lift burner grates and scrub behind equipment after cooking eggs for breakfast or crisping chicken thighs for dinner. It turned out that the update was as easy as splatter screens.

This handy tool measures in at 13 inches. It can be attached to almost any pan size, including my small nonstick agent or my large cast iron. Once it is attached, oil remains clean within the pan.

Every good cook knows that a healthy amount of fat is necessary to create a tasty, balanced meal. It’s more than just delicious. It is also the mechanism that heat transports for even cooking. This is Samin Nosrat’s great lesson in Salt, Fat Acid, Heat. If you haven’t already read it, go get started. You can roast a great steak, char green beans and stir-fry a lot of vegetables with a big flame and plenty of fat. This magical combination will make you end up in a splatter town.

A saucepan lid will reduce the splash and sloshing. However, it will ruin your food by trapping the steam in the pan. Crispiness is a threat from moisture. Even if you start with shining hot oil, it can leave behind moist donuts and dull fried potatoes. The spray screen on the other hand has fine-meshed holes which allow steam to escape while being small enough to prevent oil from getting everywhere.

All that is left is the screen.

Splatter screen covering a pot of chicken legs.

The kitchen splash screen can be opened

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