This super green latte mix is ​​just like my amma’s

this super green latte mix is ​​just like my amma's

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Kola Kanda is my dream every morning. My mom used to make this traditional Sri Lankan herbal beverage, which has a thick texture and rich herbaceous flavor. She said that it gives you brain power and served it with a piece jaggery. Because I didn’t want to duplicate my childhood morning routine, I didn’t try. My mom used to cook rice and scratch fresh coconuts, then she pressed the meat into milk. Then, she mixed the vegetables with milk. I was delighted when I discovered Kola Goodies’ Super Green Latte. Finally, I found my home.

Super Green Latte, which is a powdered blend of Sri Lankan Kola Kanda, contains organic coconut milk powder and oat milk powder. It also includes cinnamon, gotukola, moringa, and moringa. I have to admit that I was skeptical about trying kola and/or kanda mixes. The Super Green Latte is exactly what I needed. It’s creamy enough and it tastes fresh. It doesn’t require any sweetener, as it has monk fruit sweetness. Oat milk powder makes a great alternative to rice and can help you lather up your drink.

Kola Goodies founder Sajani Amarasiri, like me, grew up in Colombo with her Kola Kanda. Amarasiri says that their grandmother told them when they were children that she would learn from Grandma. “She would use a mortar and pestle to grind. Back then there wasn’t even a mixer. “

But when she got to college in the US at 19, she couldn’t find her family’s morning drink in stores. Since then she has tried to recreate it. The result is the Super Green Latte. “Gotu Kola and Moringa [are] the main heroes, ”Amarasiri says that the herbs and plants listed in the ingredients list taste slightly bitter, and have mild, grassy fragrances. “We got it from Matale when we were visiting farming families [a]Trip to Sri Lanka.

My favorite thing about making my grandmother’s traditional drink is how simple it was, especially as an energy booster. Add two tablespoons of powder to half a mug of hot water. Stir until well combined. Then, add half a mug of hot water. You can make it creamier by adding half a cup warm coconut milk to the water. Mixing is a tedious task. I now have a Kolakanda to help me feel at home when I am feeling homesick.

Super Green Latte Mixbag from Kola Goodies

Kola Goodies Super Green Lattes

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