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Top 16 Canned Tomato Brands Revealed: The Ultimate Ranking from Worst to Best

The Best and Worst Canned Tomato Brands Ranked

Choosing the right canned tomatoes can make all the difference in your recipes. With various brands offering different flavors and qualities, finding the perfect can might be a challenge. From organic options to Italian imports, this ranking of 16 canned tomato brands will help you make an informed decision.

At the bottom of the list, we have Contadina at #16, followed by Hunt’s and Great Value, which didn’t quite make the grade. Mid-tier brands like Del Monte and Ro-Tel offer decent alternatives but don’t stand out in terms of flavor or quality. Brands like S&W Premium Foods and Muir Glen Organic show some improvement, offering better taste and using premium ingredients.

Breaking into the top five, Take Root Organics starts the lineup with a commitment to organic farming practices. Colavita and Red Gold impress with their rich, authentic flavors, perfect for those seeking a taste of Italy. Mutti stands out with a unique blend of sweetness and acidity, securing the second spot. Finally, Cento tops the list, known for its consistent quality and robust flavor, making it the best choice for any dish.

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