Topo Chico can be found everywhere right now.

topo chico is everywhere now and that's fine with me

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Topo Chico is a Mexican bottled water that you have likely heard of. Coca-Cola bought the Mexican bottled water from Mexico in 2017. They quickly introduced the drink to coffee shops, supermarkets, and bodegas across the US. But, Houstonians are still thirsty, as walking through the butter every day is a little like walking through the streets. Imagine asking the bartender for club soda. He will give you a “topo”. The glass bottle is thin and slim, much like a model. However, the carbonic acids are confident and intense. This is the start of your life with seltzer.

Growing up in the east coast, I was a big fan of Polar Seltzer. I survived college in Oregon drinking artificially flavored sugar-free soda water, which tasted very much like aspartame. Topo Chico recognized the difference between those sodas, which were either too warm, too low in carbonation, or too flavorful to be considered soda water. It was a 126-year old mineral water that is so carbonated that your tongue is rubbed off as soon as you take a sip. LaCroix’s dozen of fruity options is not the case with Topo Chico, but its few flavored topos – lime grapefruit, tangerine, and others – are more dignified than LaCroix.

Topo Chico was a popular Mexican and Texas regional drink before 2017. Topo drinkers in Houston stand behind their brand and make Red Sox fans seem casual. It’s believed to cure hangovers and is a key ingredient in Ranch Water (tequila, lime, and topo). I was taught in bars that you need to pronounce the drink. “Top-oh”You would be subject to the wrathful bartenders. (Tell Me: Toe-Poe. Sure, Houston had LaCroix too, but according to Topo Chico, drinking LaCroix is ​​like sucking on a rock when you feel like a steak. It’s not just the delicious taste that is impressive. Topo Chico’s bottle is firm and smooth, which makes it more enjoyable than other club soda bottles. The textured glass surrounding the bottle should be felt under your thumb and index finger, just where the bottle starts to taper towards its neck. The best way to cool down in Texas is to place the glass on your forehead.

Topo Chico’s popularity has increased over the years. I feel a nostalgic sense for my childhood in Houston, where Topo Chico was still a secret. The bottles are everywhere in Brooklyn, where I moved last summer. It reminds me of the time when The Postal Service was first discovered by me at Crate and Barrel. I suddenly realized that everyone had their special thing. Topo was not my thing. It was my Texas transplant that introduced me to it after 121 years. Topo Chico is the reason I recommend it. Topo is a great company. It’s true. It’s not just about me. It’s all about Topo Chico. It’s yours. You should try it, because it is the best-kept mineral water secret.

Three bottles of Topo Chico soda water.

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