Use this simple trick to make creamy scrambled egg.

make creamy scrambled eggs using this simple trick

I asked you when you should add salt to scrambled eggs. It’s possible you don’t even know the answer. It could be that you don’t know when to add it. It might be so natural that it’s hard to remember. It could be so random it all depends on the day.

You can make scrambled eggs softer, plumper, and more flavorful, regardless of whether you are acting in your own way or living in the moment.

How J. Kenji López-AltIn his book The Food Lab, he explains. Salt prevents proteins from sticking too tightly to egg yolks when heated. This results in a moister and tenderer curd.: “When eggs boil and coagulate,” he writes, “the proteins in the yolk contract more and more tightly when they get hotter. If they become too tight they can push liquid out from the curd. This will result in eggs that are very embarrassed and will cry. Salt decreases the attraction between proteins and reduces the risk. For super-soft but not watery eggs, López-Alt recommends salting fairly early (as in, 15 minutes before the start of cooking!) To ensure that crystals in the mixture do not dissolve, and to get the best effect and even distribution of the eggs,

I was always skeptical and made two separate pans of scrambled yolks. I prepared the salt 15 minutes before the eggs were to be cooked. I also wiped the bowl with the same amount of salt just before the eggs were cooked. The eggs from both pans were deliciously creamy. Medium to low heat, good nonstick cooking pans, and lots of fat are all necessary. However, I could still taste a difference. The eggs that were pre-salted were more eager due to the salt that was allowed to dissolve the eggs and season them properly) and softer.

Instead of sprinkled Diamond Crystal on a hot pan, I will salt my eggs as I whip them up. I don’t know how long I can wait to get my coffee started (as it turns out, I don’t). However, five seems like the perfect time.


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