What exactly is orgeat syrup?

what is orgeat syrup anyway?

The nutty creaminess that is characteristic of many Tiki-inspired drinks, such as a classic Mai Tai or refreshing Kona Swizzle, or a fruity, popular Rum Punch, likely comes from a star ingredient: orgeat. Pronounced “or-zha”Oder “or-zhat”This milky syrup is slightly floral, not overpoweringly sweet, and can be used to give more pizzazz to the sugar water if it falls a little flat. Orgeat is an Orgeat cocktail ingredient that’s fun to pronounce. Let’s get to the point.

What is orgeat, you ask?

Originating from grains, it was later named orge. Orge syrup is made of almonds (and sometimes other nuts), and orange blossom water. This sweetener, which is non-alcoholic, can be made either by soaking finely chopped nuts into a simple syrup or by adding sugar directly and slowly to prepared nut milk. The consistency of the nut milk is light beige to gold in color depending on what nut mixture was used. It also has an orange blossom water-like scent. Warming spices such as cinnamon and clove may be added to different brands or regional varieties. It is versatile and delicious, making it a great addition to any bar cart or pantry.

There are many brands that use corn syrup or artificial flavors to increase volume. L’Orgeat and BG REYNOLDS Orgeat are big favorites of ours. Syrups, all domestically produced from real sugarcane and other premium ingredients.

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BG REYNOLDS Orgeat, 25.4 fl oz

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Liber & Co. Syrup, Almond Meat 9.5 oz

How to use orgeat

Cocktails are the best way to get this syrup. A few bottles of Orgeat are all it takes to create a warm Amaro or iconic Mai Tai. For a refreshing and complex alcohol-free cooler, you can add a splash of Orgeat to a large glass or tart lemonade. Orgeat’s potential is far beyond cocktails and mocktails. It tastes great drizzled over fresh summer fruits, especially stone fruits such as plums and peaches, or on pound cake or ice cream. Orgeat can be found wherever you need some complex, floral sweetness.

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Mai Tai

Enjoy this classic cocktail to summon the tropics.

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