With the little coloring book of sweet recipes you can bake LA’s finest pastries – and color them too

with the little coloring book of sweet recipes you can

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My body physically resides in New York City, but my heart beats for Los Angeles – at least when it comes to dessert. My palms get sweaty when I think of thick slices of sticky vegan banana bread with chocolate chips, strewn with crunchy peanut crumble blocks from Valerie Confections. The honeycomb ice cream from Rustic Canyon (with crackling pieces of real honeycomb candy) always leaves me in a dreamy, sugar-induced haze. And I have a dozen Zooies-rich and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies across from those from a pretty famous bakery on the Upper West Side that I live minutes away from. As a professional recipe maker whose days are busy baking, you can tell me: LA’s pastry game is world class.

I suppose now is a good time to let you know that I’ve never actually been to LA, or even California. But thanks to the Little Coloring Book of Sweet Recipes, I’ve tried eight of the best desserts the city has to offer. Illustrated by artist Stacy Michelson and published by the LA Times, the recipes are curated by the best bakeries and restaurants in town. The instructions for each candy are super well-written, full of visual cues, and accessible, so while I’m a recipe nerd, a novice baker won’t have a problem getting involved.

But as the name suggests, this is not just a cookbook, but also a coloring book. Michelson’s food-focused visual journalism (which you can check out in her newly published book) gleefully embodies the desserts featured. Think cheeky layered cake slices with long eyelashes, a wobbly flan juggling orange slices, a burnt Basque cheesecake that looks baffled despite being full of flames. All pictures are printed with enough space for easy coloring. After a day at work, I grab this book along with my favorite Pastel Sharpies and drop onto my yoga mat, inverting Savasana to scribble out my heart for a few hours (self-care can take many forms!).

I lost track of the number of times I made Proof Bakery’s light and light citrusy scones. But I can’t wait to head to LA to try the real business – and when I do, I’ll definitely wrap this brochure up as a reliable guide to my much-anticipated bakery tour.

LA Times coloring book cookbook cover and recipe

Small coloring book with sweet recipes

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