Yes, you can work as a hostess and still have beautiful nails.

yes, you can work in hospitality and have cute nails

Food industry is extremely anti-nail. But I don’t really fit into the spaces that are available in this industry. Before the pandemic, I was involved in a lot of event production. However, I became burnt out and struggled to find inspiration. Breaking Bread, which I co-founded, distributes food to those in need, and I also invest my time in my community garden. I prefer to do my own nails because my manicure can fall off while I am gardening so I can put on a coat.

I love J. Hannah nail polishes. They look natural, earthy and familiar. I love the colors patina and miso. Nail art is very popular in New York. My friends who love having their nails done often have to apologise, regardless of what job they do. It’s an expression of self-expression.

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GrossyPelosi founder Dan Pelosi (food and lifestyle inventor), Dan Pelosi

To discuss masculinity, I use nail polish. My identity is vibrant, happy, and positive. It’s an extension of this, and since I take photos of my hands often, it’s a wonderful way to tell the story.

My videos often show me matching my nail polish with the cookware and different ingredients. This is the nail color I used to make an Italian sponge cake with strawberries. This is a beautiful color story! People love what I do.

See My Toes was founded by a friend of mine, who lives in Portland. They are vegan and cruelty-free, have great colors, and offer great value. Based on my vodka sauce recipe, we created a color called Lost in the Sawce. The sauce is ready to use when the color matches the color of your fingernails. It was a very limited edition of 100 bottles, which sold out in one weekend.

Lena Sareini is a pastry chef and semifinalist for the James Beard Award

You don’t feel like a bad little bitch when you have a new manicure. I had my nails done before I began cooking school. My sister loved nail art and gave me many fun designs. However, once I began working in restaurants, my relationship to nail polish was largely dependent on the permission of my employer. If not, it was a disaster. It’s true, nail polish can get in the food you are working with and chip. Shellac is a product that’s shatterproof, long-lasting, and I still wear it.

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