You can buy mooncakes online from many places.

where can you buy mooncakes online?

As with all Chinese holidays, food plays an important role in celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is the time of the full moon’s brightest. Families and old friends gather to exchange and receive tins filled with moon cake, the original sweet and salty dessert. It is believed that everyone who eats one of these cakes on that day will be blessed with happiness.

Moon cakes are a delicate, tender pastry with a sweet filling, such as red beans, white lotsus seed paste or candied fruit and nuts. They are often wrapped around a salted egg to represent the moon. The moon cake, which is often circular in shape, is baked in a wooden mold that is decorated with Chinese lucky words and decorative flowers. My mother says that moon cakes were created in memory of a tyrant’s wife, who fled to the moon to escape her abusive and power-hungry husband. Theatre! However, they are now taught to us that they can be used to represent unity, happiness, and luck.

While traditional interpretations remain the most popular, luxury hotels and famous bakeries in China Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are creating new moon cakes for pets. These are some of my favourite online retailers that ship nationwide prior to the festival. No matter if you’re a traditionalist, or looking for something more modern, there’s something here that will appeal to you.

Sheng Kee Bakery, which was established in Taiwan in 1948 and has more than 11 locations in California, is still managed by the original family. You can choose from 14 types of mooncake when you visit a station, including taro, pineapple, or date. Sheng Kee also offers mooncakes online. They sell more than 1.5 million per year. – To satisfy the needs of Taiwanese Americans living abroad. The Deluxe Assorted Mooncake Mix has Oolong and chestnut fillings. My favorite box is the Taiwanese Yummy Paste, which has a flaky, tender crust and sweet green beans filling. My advice is to get both. Get both.

Sheng Kee Assorted Moon Cakes in deluxe box

Sheng Kee Yummy Paste mooncakes

If you’re longing for a denser filling that adds pizzazz with every bite, then the Amoy Mooncake Set is for you. Each set of eight contains matcha, custard and purple sweet potatoes flavors. They are rich and decadent like New York cheesecakes. These are moon cakes that have lava pudding centers so there is a melting centre in each tiny piece. You can get the Amoy White Lotus Paste, which includes two eggs yolks, to set you and your mooncake eaters up for a happy mid-autumn celebration.

Amoy White Lotus Paste Moon Cake

Amoy Lava Pudding Paste Moon Cake

A Hong Kong institution with locations in California, this 70-year-old bakery offers easy access to mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Kee Wah Bakery sells their Cantonese-style mooncakes online, with free shipping via Amazon if you are unable to make it to Rowland Heights or Monterey Park. Red bean paste is a traditional choice, but you can also choose custard mooncakes that ooze when you bite into them.

Kee Wah Bakery Red Bean Mooncake

Wing Wah mooncakes can be found in festive decorative tins at most Asian grocery stores in the US and are also available online. Choose the Cantonese white lotsus paste with single egg yolks or double egg yolks or the melted custard version with a juicy and liquid duck egg center.

Wing Wah Molten Custard Mooncake

Wing Wah White Lotus Moon Cakes

Traditionalists can opt for the lotus seeds, red beans, and mixed nut moon cakes (with the optional salted egg yolk, of course) at NYC’s Fay Da Bakery. If you’re looking to bring some color into your life, the Lava Collection offers fillings made of sticky custard and orange as well as matcha, matcha, and durian.

This hugely popular Taiwanese bakery chain in California has carbohydrate fans for fluffy pork silk buns and custard donuts seven days a week, but 85 ℃ fans can enjoy both Cantonese and Taiwanese-style moon cakes freshly made on-site during the Mid-Autumn Festival. What sets the Mooncakes from 85 ℃ apart from others is the addition of mochi, which adds extra chew and bounce. I recommend the Dong-Po 85 ℃ mooncake, which contains pork floss, mochi, red beans, walnut, salted egg, and Asiago cheese, but if you want to impress your in-laws, you can’t go wrong with the Cantonese-style mooncake gift box with walnut – Date Mochi, Almond Lotus Seeds, Red Bean Egg Yolk, and Pineapple Egg Yolk Moon Cake. All mooncakes come with free shipping

Cantonese style mooncake gift box

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