Your sore feet called. You want a better anti-fatigue kitchen mat.

your sore feet called. you want a better anti fatigue kitchen

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I spend about thirty percent of my work day developing and testing recipes. I also live in a no-shoe household (judge as you wish, my relatives certainly) which means I have to cook for hours without the support of my beloved Danskos, which means I often go with it at the end of the day a slightly sore lower back and throbbing feet. (Is it worth a little less mess in the apartment? I say yes.)

I knew the solution was an anti-fatigue kitchen mat – a household version of the industrial pads that professional chefs rely on to power multi-hour dinner shifts. I wanted something that had the resilience of a plush rug rather than the unyielding hardness of a wooden floor, but most of the mats I came across had loud puns printed in tangled italics or seemed too thin to provide adequate support. Until I came across a wellness mat in my parents’ kitchen (of all people!). The mats are squishy but not too soft – think of a firm mattress with a comfortable pad. They come in a variety of colors and textures that are subtle but not drab, pretty but not too flashy, and they are easy to wipe and vacuum clean.

WellnessMats Original Anti-Fatigue Floor Cushions

Yes, a wellness mat is a little more expensive than some alternatives, but they are domestically made and as I tell myself, I am probably saving money that I would normally spend on massages. (You can also find a lot on a carefully used one.) My anti-fatigue kitchen pad enables me to stand at the counter for hours – washing dishes, loading the dishwasher, kneading dough for … is this recipe serious … whole 10 mins? – without tiring my back and lower body.

I think my partner would probably prefer me to get tired faster, so I’d sit on the couch with him for an hour or five of TV, but with my WellnessMat under my feet, I’ll probably stand here doing another babka .

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