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Best Vertical Pellet Smoker

Vertical pellet smokers provide an entirely new side to the traditional BBQ experience. While you may not be ready to give up on your favorite smoker just yet, you might just change your mind when you see everything that a vertical pellet smoker can do. 

Pellet smokers offer a more sizable cooking area as well as improved ventilation. Despite this, they are still capable of reaching high temperatures and maintaining the same level of fuel efficiency as ordinary wood pellet BBQs. 

Vertical pellet smokers combine the simplicity and capacity of traditional vertical smokers with the portability and convenience of smoking with pellets.

With vertical pellet smokers becoming so popular, many of the main BBQ manufacturers, like Pit Boss, Masterbuilt, and Camp Chef, have started to make their own versions

With so many models out there, how are you supposed to choose which one is best? In this list, we round up the top 5 best vertical pellet smokers that you can buy right now!

If you have never bought a pellet smoker before and are looking for some extra tips, check out the buyer’s guide below. 

Masterbuilt MWS 330B Pellet Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20250618 MWS 330B Pellet Smoker, 30', Black

The MWS 330S pellet smoker from Masterbuilt has been built with space efficiency in mind. It is also a relatively cheap smoker compared to others on this list. 

According to Masterbuilt, this device is capable of holding up to 12 birds, 2 turkeys, 2 racks of ribs, or 3 pork butts all at the same time. This may seem pretty impressive, but as you will see further down the list some smokers have a much larger cooking capacity. 

This pellet smoker comes with a variety of preprogrammed cooking and smoking cycles for your convenience. This smoker offers you control not only over the amount of time spent smoking and cooking but also over the temperature at which food is prepared.

One of the downsides of the 330B Smoker is that it doesn’t have any windows through which you can see the food being smoked. 

There also might be some quality control issues with this smoker so be sure that you check out warranty options. 


  • Cheap this is a more budget option compared to others on this list
  • Small – this is a very space-efficient smoker so would be perfect for smaller backyards
  • Lightweight – you can easily move this smoker to another spot if you need to
  • Programmed smoke cycles – gives you the freedom to leave your smoker while you go to do other things


  • No window – this means that you cannot visually check how the meat is doing without opening the smoker, while will let the heat out
  • Quality control – there have been some reviews saying that some parts are of poor quality

Masterbuilt MB20250618 MWS 330B Pellet Smoker, 30", Black
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Meat probe thermometers for perfect results every time
  • Digital panel controls on/off, temperature, cook and Smoke time – preset Smoke and cook cycles automate the pellet smoking process
  • Pellet hopper holds over 8 lbs. on wood pellets for hours of cooking without reloading
  • Auger moves the wood pellets from the hopper for even, consistent cooking from 180˚F to 350˚F

Louisiana Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker

Louisiana Grills 65700-LGV7PC1, Stainless Steel

If you are planning to cook a lot of food at once, then you need a vertical smoker to be roomy. This is exactly what the Pellet Smoker made by Louisiana Grills is like! 

This grill provides a total of 2,059 square inches of cooking space, and it has 6 racks that are covered with porcelain. In addition to providing a great deal of space, the presence of six racks will make it possible to arrange the food in a variety of different ways.

The vertical pellet smoker from Louisiana Grills is advertised as having the capacity to hold up to 60 pounds of wood pellets, which will probably be enough for around 35 hours of cooking time.

This is such a large pellet smoker, you can expect it to take up a lot of floor space in your backyard or patio. This is also a pretty expensive smoker, but for all of the room, you are getting you may think that the price is worth it. 


  • 6 racks – these porcelain racks let you cook loads of meat at once. You can also rearrange them to fit your needs 
  • 2 meat probs – these included extras allow you to keep track of the exact temperature of your meat
  • Large temperature range – this pellet smoker has a large range of 100 – 420 farigneight
  • Big window – check on the progress of your food without opening the smoker


  • Very big – this big and weighty pellet cooker will take up a lot of floor space, and will be hard to move around to different spots
  • Pricey – this is a more expensive smoker option, but as you get so much cooking space, it may be ideal for you and your cooking needs

Louisiana Grills 65700-LGV7PC1, Stainless Steel
  • Grill LGV7PC1 Vertical Smoker
  • Vertical smoker
  • Porcelain steel
  • Removable upper cooking
  • Digital control center

Pit Boss Grills 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker

Pit Boss Grills 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker, 850 sq inch, Copper

This is another perfect vertical pellet smoker option for you if you are wanting to cook a lot of food all at once. 

The fact that this pellet smoker has a total cooking space of 1,830 square inches over its 5 cooking racks is the feature that stands out the most. 

Not only does this device have a huge capacity, but the porcelain enamel on its cooking racks should allow them to last you a very long time.

In addition, the five racks provide you with more possibilities for the arrangement of the food and racks.

The huge pellet capacity is another feature that Pit Boss Grills is known for. It is possible to load this device with up to around 40 pounds of pellets, and then use the smoker for many future BBQs without having to reload it. 

Notably, Pit Boss Grills also brags that this device can be kept operating for around 24 hours using only 40 pounds of pellets.

Finally, the huge viewing glass on this pellet smoker makes it simple to keep tabs on the progress of the meat without opening the smoker and losing the heat. 


  • 5 racks – not only will these last you a very long time, but you can also remove them or arrange them differently, allowing you to arrange the food how you want
  • Huge window – the whole door of this smoker is a window, allowing you to easily monitor the cooking process of your food
  • Large pellet capacity – you may only need to fill up the smoker once with a 40-pound bag of pellets as this device has a huge smoker


  • Heavy – the design of this large and bulky smoker makes it difficult to move around. This carefully about where you want to put this smoker and you will hopefully never have to move it

Pit Boss Grills 77550 5.5 Pellet Smoker, 850 sq inch, Copper
  • Monitor internal temperatures with digital LED readout and meat probe
  • Five porcelain coated cooking grids, 1548 sq in. Includes porcelain coated water pan and heat Deflector
  • 40+ lb hopper capacity with pellet Purge. 24+ hours of use.
  • Fully programmable 150 - 450 temperature range
  • Auto-start 300 watt igniter with auto shut-off

Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef XXL Vertical Smoker - Wifi Enabled & Precise Temp Control - Outdoor Cooking Equipment - Black

Consider purchasing the XXL vertical pellet smoker made by Camp Chef for a more flexible approach to the outdoor cooking experience.

The most amazing aspect of this smoker is the extensive collection of cooking racks that come with it. You get normal racks, jerky smoking racks, and a hanging rack that comes with a dozen hooks for hanging sausages.

This smoker appears to have a capacity that is comparable to that of the Pit Boss Grills model. However, the Camp Chef Smoker is not as space efficient as the Pit Boss model above. 

The legs of the smoker take up over a third of its total height, which some could consider a waste of space.

In this smoker, the temperature can range from a chilly 150 degrees to a scorching 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Due to its lower temperature limit, this smoker is not appropriate for the execution of some high-temperature cooking techniques. Despite this, the XXL Smoker from Camp Chef will be absolutely fine for the casual BBQ chef. 


  • Many extras – you can 3 extra types of racks when you buy this smoker
  • 2 meat probs – accurately monitor the temperature of your meats so that they can be cooked to perfection


  • Low temperature range – this short range may not be enough for a professional pitmaster, but for the average BBQ chef it won’t be an issue
  • Bad space economy – despite being nearly the same size as the Pit Boss model, a lot of that space is wasted through the legs

Camp Chef XXL Vertical Smoker - Wifi Enabled & Precise Temp Control - Outdoor Cooking Equipment - Black
  • Outdoor Smoker: Camp Chef XXL Vertical Smoker comes with four meat racks, three jerky racks, and a sausage rack with twelve hooks
  • Pellet-Powered Smoker: The XXL is a vertical pellet smoker that combines everything you love about a pellet grill and a smoke vault
  • WIFI-Enabled Vertical Smoker: Add our WIFI controller and custom set your smoke setting; monitor your cook from your phone and relax while you cook
  • Meat Smoker: This BBQ smoker has a 150°F–350°F temperature range and Smoke Control that lets you adjust your Smoke Number (1–10) for tailored results
  • About Us: Camp Chef is a passionate team committed to bringing five-star flavor with versatile gear that can stand up to the demands of the backcountry and back patio

Pit Boss 2-Series Analog Electric Vertical Smoker

Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker, 2 Series, Blue

This electric smoker simplifies the process of smoking meat. It offers a total of 2.2 cubic feet of cooking area and is equipped with four smoking racks that are covered in porcelain. 

Because the control panel makes it simple to monitor the temperature and you also get a meat probe that is included in the purchase, you will never have to guess whether or not your food is done cooking.

Because the temperature on the Pit Boss 2-Series Analog Electric Vertical Smoker can be adjusted anywhere from 150 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you have complete control over how the meat is prepared. 

Along with that, the frame is raised, which makes for a more pleasant cooking experience.

This smoker’s front panel features a sizable and transparent window. It makes it possible for you to see the smoking process without allowing any heat to escape. 

Because of the huge wood tray, you may smoke for up to two hours before having to reload it, but the window makes it easier for you to monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary.

A downside to this product is that the smoker does not come with a cover. You will either need to purchase a cover separately or bring it inside so that it is not exposed to the elements.


  • Easy to move – thanks to the handle and wheels, it is easy to move this smoker to the perfect spot in your backyard
  • Meat probe included – easily keep track of the exact temperature of the meat
  • Easy to clean – thanks to the porcelain racks, cleaning up after a full day of smoking will be very quick and easy
  • Double-walled – this design feature keeps all of the heat inside the smoker, ensuring that your meat cooks evenly


  • No Cover – all smokers need protection from the elements, so you must buy a cover or else your smoker would quickly become damaged.

Pit Boss 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker, 2 Series, Blue
  • Integrated analog controls - no more plugging and unplugging components
  • Three porcelain coated cooking grids, 593 sq in. Includes porcelain coated water and wood pan
  • Analog meat probe included
  • Complete control of smoker from 150F - 325F.
  • External access to wood pan

Buyers Guide

Here are a few things you need to think about when shopping for a vertical pellet smoker. 


When buying a pellet smoker, you need to think about the size of the space that you are putting it in. While vertical pellet smokers take up less space than horizontal ones, they are still pretty large units. 

If you want something portable, then go with a smaller smoker. Larger smokers may be able to give you more cooking space, but they may also be cumbersome and bulky to the point where transporting and putting them up may be quite difficult. 

Cooking Area

This is one of the most essential things that you need to keep an eye out for. 

The right cooking area for you will depend on what you are mainly going to be using the smoker for. 

Will you be cooking for smaller gatherings, like having a few friends round or maybe a small family party? 

Or will you regularly host large garden parties at your home, and will be showing off your BBQ skills to your many guests? You may be looking for a huge smoker that can accommodate at least 10 individuals at once. 

You could be willing to start modestly, but you should make sure that you leave yourself enough room to grow as your smoking skills improve.

You will need to purchase a vertical pellet smoker that has sufficient cooking space to meet your requirements, and this will completely depend on you. 

Heat Range

Investing in a vertical pellet smoker that can maintain constant heat at both hight and low levels is the best thing that you can do. 

If your smoker has a wide range of temperature settings, including low, medium, and high, you will have more alternatives to choose from when you are cooking, and will also be able to cook a larger variety of meats. 

The Capacity Of The Hopper

How big the pellet hopper is will determine how long you can smoke without refilling it. 

If you want to smoke meat for at least 12 hours, you should probably search for a smoker that has a larger hopper than most of the others on the market. 

If you are planning on engaging in lengthy smoking sessions, you should consider purchasing a smoker with an even larger capacity.

Other Characteristics

Because of how competitive the market is, businesses can develop items with an extensive range of technological, practical, and user-friendly qualities. 

Even while you might not need all of them, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of them, especially if they’re optional. 

Before making a final choice, it is important to consider any additional features that may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Horizontal Or Vertile Pellet Smoker Better?

In general, a horizontal pellet smoker is more flexible, as it can perform the functions of both a grill and a smoker. 

Because the grill grates are situated closer to the firebox in a horizontal smoker, it is possible to achieve searingly high temperatures within the device. 

Because it is more of a specialized smoker and oven than a grill (see also ‘Best Smoker Grill Combo‘), a vertical pellet smoker is not capable of reaching the high temperatures necessary to sear a steak. 

For roasts, turkey, sausage, chicken, and other foods like that, it is a good idea to use a vertical pellet smoker. A vertical pellet smoker can hold a significant amount of meat at once.

How Does A Pellet Smoker Work?

The food is prepared by pellet smokers by being exposed to a low temperature for a long part of the smoking process. 

The pellets are combusted in a hopper, which then feeds them into the fire chamber. The pellets are created from sawdust or other types of wood products that have been compressed.

The heat and smoke that are produced by the burning pellets give the meat a smoky flavor, and the fan within the appliance ensures that the food is cooked uniformly.

On the control panel of the majority of pellet smokers, there is a temperature gauge. This allows you to monitor the temperature within the smoker and make adjustments as necessary.

Simply place your food on the cooking grates of the vertical pellet smoker, adjust the temperature and length of cooking time, and then step back and let it do its thing. When it’s ready, everyone can enjoy the delicious dinner!

How Do I Use A Vertile Pellet Smoker?

1. Prepare your smoker first. If you are using a charcoal smoker, fire the charcoal and wait for it to reach the proper temperature. 

If you are using an electric smoker, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Prepare the smoker to the proper temperature if you are using a gas smoker. 

2. Load up your food onto the cooking grates after preheating the smoker. 

It is important to ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly by spacing out the meat evenly on the grates

3. Adjust the temperature and the timing. The control panel of the majority of smokers includes a temperature gauge. 

First, the temperature should be adjusted to the level you choose, and then the timer should be set for as long as you want the meal to cook.

4. Give it some time to smoke. When the timer goes off, your meal will be ready to eat. 

Savor the incredible flavor that can only be delivered by a dish that has been smoked!

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