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Electric Pressure Cookers: Which are The Best?

Electric Pressure Cookers: Which are the Best?

What is the best electric pressure cooker? That is a question that has many different answers. If you are in a hurry and need something simple and easy to cook, they each have positives and negatives. One of the biggest positives of using an electric pressure cooker is putting whatever you want in it. Then you can do just that with one of these cookers.

According to Good House Keeping, the Best Overall Electric Pressure Cookers:

One of the negatives to a slow cooker is that it can take an hour or more for dinner. You can put in whatever you want and then finish cooking in thirty minutes or less with one of these. This makes meal preparation much more comfortable. There is nothing worse than having a delicious dinner on the table, but it takes an hour for it to be cooked. With an electric pressure cooker, you can put in whatever you want in less than fifteen minutes and be done with your meal.

Another positive to using an electric pressure cooker is that you do not have to stand there and watch a video. You fill it with water and let it heat up. It will automatically turn off when it is heated to the appropriate level.

On the other hand, there is also a negative to using an electric pressure cooker. The food that is cooked in one of these can be scorching. If you do not like hot food, this may not be the best way to prepare it for you.

The electric pressure cooker comes in a wide variety of styles. Some are made of stainless steel, some are glass, and some have a copper finish. Which one you choose depends on personal preference. There are tiny ones. These are perfect if you only need to cook a couple of foods at a time. You can store them inside your cabinets or under your counter.

Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews Consumer Reports

So, what is the best electric pressure cooker? That is a matter of opinion and a point of your needs. Think about what your favorite options are, then make a decision.

If you do not have much money to spend, you will consider a manual electric pressure cooker. These usually have a glass door and a lid. They are relatively large, and they take up quite a bit of space. This is what makes them suitable for occasional cooking, not-so-often cooking. You can place them on a counter or top of your kitchen table because of the size.

If you like to cook every day, the best electric pressure cooker you can buy will be a slow cooker. These work much like a traditional pot, but they can retain an internal temperature to simmer and release to keep food warm. Because of the design of a slow cooker, you can put in just enough food at a time so that it does not scorch. They also have separate bowls for cooking, which makes it very convenient.

The final electric pressure cooker we will discuss is the digital Pressure Cooker. A digital Pressure Cooker is straightforward to use. They have very user-friendly electronic controls, and they work with either electricity or gas. These models cook in just minutes, and they do not take up a lot of space either. These are the only two options they have to cook all of their meals for many families.


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