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How To Use Ninja Foodi (The Ultimate Guide)

The Ninja Foodi is used just like most air fryers and pressure cookers but combined in one. If you are going to use the Ninja as a pressure cooker, you need to use its pressure-cooking lid along with knowing what each button means, such as Pressure and Sear / Sauté. You will also be switching settings of the pressure.



One of life’s greatest excitements is knowing how to cook. It keeps our bellies full and connects families and friends. The Ninja Foodi allows you to make good food that everybody wants to come back for more. From the time humankind learn how to cook through basics skills such as grilling over an open fire to the time we started cooking with pots, pans, and ovens, cooking has continued to evolve over the years.

In my opinion, cooking is wonderful when you only have to deal with one type of cooking equipment instead of the hassle of needing to deal with many cooking equipment pieces. So why not make one piece of equipment and combine them all into one? This guide covers how to use Ninja Foodi and its features.

It’s both a pressure cooker and air fryer; the Ninja Foodi allows you to prepare recipes that you would normally find difficult to prepare with normal cooking equipment. So, if you’re hankering for chicken wings or your sweet tooth is calling for sea salted caramel popcorn, the Ninja Foodi can get it done for you!

Buy: Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe at Amazon

Buy: Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe at Amazon

So How Do You Use the Ninja Foodi?

The Ninja Foodi is used just like most air fryers and pressure cookers but combined in one. If you are going to use the Ninja as a pressure cooker, you need to use its pressure-cooking lid and know what each button means, such as Pressure and Sear / Sauté. You will also be switching settings of the pressure. The air frying features come with a crisping lid as well, and It will be used with buttons such as the Bake / Roast and Air Crisp.

Buy: Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe at Amazon

1. Preheating: It is important to preheat the inside pot of the Ninja Foodi before placing the food into the unit. It’s the regular cooking approach on the stovetop or oven where preheating is essential to prepare the oven or pot for proper cooking. Make sure to preheat the inner pot for at least 5 minutes before adding food.

2. Water for Pressure-Cooking: pressure-cooking needs steam to do its job, and some form of liquid starts this process. So, make sure to add at minimum half a cup of water to the inside pot before pressure cooking foods to make your cooking successful. 

3. The Lids: The Ninja Foodi contains two essential lids, the Air Crisping Lid for air frying and the Pressure Lid for pressure-cooking. Make proper use of each lid as instructed by the recipe you are using at the time.

4. Always Use the Inside Pot: Remarkably, the Ninja Foodi notices and overrides if the inside pot isn’t put in before cooking. It’s a smart appliance! So, make sure to keep the inside pot locked in always before using any of the pressure-cooking or air frying features.

Buy: Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe at Amazon

Ninja Foodi Function Buttons

You will find that using the Ninja Foodi at first could be terrifying because you see so many different a button on the unit and you don’t know what they mean. Not to worry, I’ll break them down one by one so that you will have a better understanding of what they all mean and do.

Air Crisp

The Air Crisp button lets you start the air frying feature to prepare a lot of dishes by heating them. You can even make many recipes without oil. Use the Air Crisp feature in conjunction with the Cook & Crisp Basket to cook your favorite frozen foods, such as French fries, onion rings, and chicken nuggets. Make sure to shake the basket at least once during crisping to make certain you get the crispiest results.

Sear / Sauté

The Sear / Sauté button lets you use your Ninja Foodi to be used as a stovetop. It is great for sautéing vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. In addition to having loads of surface space for searing meats and sautéing veggies, the Ninja Foodi also has five stove-top temperature settings. Use the Ninja Foodi just as you would your stovetop; move between Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, and High. Go from a mild simmer to an extremely hot sear.


The Pressure button is a function you’ll be using very often because it makes cooking faster. It will also let you how to release the pressure naturally and quickly. Pressure cooking is perfect for tenderizing tough cuts of meat, rapidly cooking rice and everything in between. Select between Low and High pressure, set the cooking time, place the pressure release valve in the Seal position, and you are done!

Slow Cook

The Slow Cook button lets you make recipes that need many hours of cooking at shallow temperatures. The Ninja Foodi is equipped with both Low and High slow cooking settings. If you would rather have the ease of tossing the ingredients into one pot in the morning and coming home to a completely cooked meal, then the Slow Cook function will be your number one go-to button. You can even leave the Ninja Foodi on overnight and find everything good and in one piece the next morning.


The Steam button lets you cook everything from fish to veggies with no oil at an extremely high temperature. Cooking with steam infuses moisture, keeps in flavor and preserves the texture of your food. Just add water to the cooking pot and add the Reversible Rack in the lower position. Position your food on top of the rack and secure the lid closed.

Bake / Roast

The Bake / Roast button is self-explanatory. If you are not in the frame of mind using an oven or feel like making recipes that need baking, The Ninja Foodi also works like a mini convection oven to cook your favorite baked dishes and roast meats in way less time than in your oven. It takes the Ninja Foodi only 4 to 5 minutes to preheat, a lot less time than your kitchen oven.


The Dehydrate button not only dehydrates foods into jerky, but it will also help you get rid of any excess oil or when the recipe asks for it. When you use the Dehydrate function, the Crisping Lid lowers the fan speed so that you can eliminate moisture low and slow. Make fruit and veggie chips or create your favorite flavored jerky without extra sugar or preservatives added in-store sold brands.

Which Ninja Foodi has the dehydrator? The Ninja Foodi OP301 6.5-quart, FD401 8-quart deluxe, and Ninja OP401 dehydrator all have a dehydrator; the OP101 5-quart does not.


The Broil button is used if you are in the mood to make some BBQ or grill something. Broil function on the Ninja Foodi is like having an upside-down barbecue grill. Broil has the hottest temperature setting of all the Crisping Lid settings and is the simplest way to prepare crispier seared meats.

Keep Warm

The Keep Warm mode automatically turns on after steaming, slow cooking, or pressure-cooking time is done. Ninja Foodi is made to keep this mode on for up to 12 hours. If you want to turn it off before the 12 hours is done, you can click the warm button.


The Power button speaks for itself

Start / Stop

The Start / Stop button is used when you are finished setting the time, temperature, or pressure.


The Temp buttons comprise of arrows and let you set the temperature up and down.

Buy: Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe at Amazon

What is Tendercrisp Technology

Ninja Foodi is not just a kitchen appliance with an air fryer and pressure cooker combined into one. It also has Tender Crispy Technology. This technology gives the meat or vegetables a nice and golden-brown finish, unlike most pressure cookers where the food has a pale look.

Tender Crispy Technology also makes it possible for the Ninja Foodi to have both these features working simultaneously all in one unit. Technology lets you do many things, such as cooking frozen food, preparing them crispy, or creating recipes that you typically can’t do with traditional cooking methods.

All in one Pot Cooking

Use TenderCrisp Technology to convert boring soups and stews into all in One-Pot recipes. Use Pressure to prepare your favorite casseroles, stews, chilis, and desserts. Then top with cheese, biscuits, or a crust. Switch the top and use the Crisping Lid to broil the cheese, bake the biscuits, or crisp the crust. Prepare the dishes that have been handed down from your grandma to your mother, but with this a distinctive twist: You can prepare them in half the time it took them to make!

Cook from Frozen to Crispy

The Ninja Foodi can cook food directly from frozen, too. Use Pressure to defrost and tenderize frozen meat quickly, then use the Crisping Lid to crisp the outside. No more unequal defrosting using the microwave or waiting hours for your food to thaw on the kitchen counter.


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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer (The Multi-Cooker)

Ninja Foodi Family

What can you cook in an air fryer?



Want to mix up the way you cook without spending extra time and effort in the kitchen? Of course you do – and this is where the best air fryers come in.

Air fryers provide an alternative way to rustle a meal and use (you guessed it) air to heat your food in a similar way to convection ovens. This means that hot air circulates around the food until it is cooked and has a crispy exterior.

Since the food is cooked with hot air instead of dissipating heat in a pan or direct heat from a grill, the cooking times are much faster than you would expect from a traditional gas or electric stove or hob, for example.

While it is possible to deep-fry food in minutes or even seconds, another benefit of air fryers is that they require very little oil at all, making them a healthier option than deep-frying or shallow frying.

If you are thinking about investing in an air fryer, you probably want to find the best option for your budget. Since these machines take up a lot of space on your countertop, it pays to research all the meals that could be made in one – and there are literally hundreds out there.

It’s probably fair to say that many people associate air fryers like the Tefal ActiFry Genius XL with making healthier french fries or perfectly crispy potatoes. But what else can these machines cook?

What can you cook in an air fryer?

Air fryers allow you to cook a whole range of dishes, from crispy fries to desserts, and make them quick too. When it comes to hearty meals, you can cook frozen fried foods straight from the freezer. When you choose an air fryer like the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer, you can use the two drawer design.

Since air fryers use intense heat and air circulation to cook your food, keep in mind that cooking times are likely to be much faster than a traditional oven. French fries, for example, can be cooked in just 15 minutes.

Other hearty dishes that are perfect for air frying include chicken wings, meat, root vegetables, and homemade potato chips. However, you will be surprised that gnocchi and ravioli can be cooked this way too, and even mini pizzas. If you’re looking for healthier snacks, chickpeas will crisp up nicely in an air fryer, while you can make your own vegetable chips with kale or zucchini / zucchini.

It’s not just side dishes that you can cook in an air fryer. Dishes like fajitas can be cooked entirely in an air fryer. However, as with anything you roast in the open air, be careful not to overfill the roasting basket or drawer, as this will lead to longer cooking times and food that is not cooked evenly.

Do you want an air fryer now? Then check out the best prices on ring doorbells below:

Today’s Best Ninja AF300UK Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer, Tefal ActiFry Genius, Instant Vortex Air Fryer, Ninja Air Fryer, NuWave Brio 37001 and Deals

Can you cook raw meat in an air fryer?

You can use an air fryer to cook raw meat like a stove or stovetop. Steak is very easy to cook in an air fryer – all you have to do is turn it halfway through cooking. Frozen chicken nuggets as well as fresh, raw chicken can also be cooked with an air fryer.

Sausages are also suitable for air frying and, depending on the size and number of sausages prepared, can be prepared in around 10 minutes. If you’re cooking particularly fatty cuts of meat like bacon, air frying won’t boil off the fat, but you won’t get fatty slices of bacon either, as you don’t need to use extra oil.

It’s not just pieces of meat that you can cook in your air fryer – dishes like meatballs are great for cooking this way and they are given a deliciously crispy outer coating. Note, however, that at such high cooking temperatures it is very easy to burn your food. So keep an eye on it.

Instant Pressure Vortex Air Fryer Press Image

(Image credit: Instant Pot)

What desserts can you make in an air fryer?

It is easy to assume that air fryers are only intended for cooking savory dishes, but these handy devices can also be used for sweet foods.

Churros and donuts are great desserts to make in an air fryer, and you won’t get a greasy finish like you can expect from deep-frying. Small cakes work well in air fryers, and you can also make s’mores (marshmallows and chocolate between two pieces of graham crackers if you didn’t grow up in the US) and fritters (deep-fried pastries). .

Another thing that might surprise you: Because air fryers mimic the way convection ovens work, they’re also a fantastic way to bake cakes. The hot air circulation ensures that your cake is baked evenly throughout.

If you’ve sworn off the donuts and are looking for a healthier selection of desserts to make in your air fryer, fruit works surprisingly well. Apple slices turn into crispy, tasty snacks, and even softer fruits like peaches are delicious if you sprinkle them with a little cinnamon and sugar before cooking.

If you want even more options for making desserts, consider a model like the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker, which combines air frying functions with other convenient functions like baking, searing, slow cooking and grilling.

What can’t you cook in an air fryer?

Unsurprisingly, there are some foods that cannot be cooked in an air fryer. In general, dishes with a damp batter are not suitable for air frying – the batter does not set properly and it is very difficult to clean the machine afterwards – so it is better to stick to a deep fryer.

Other foods that don’t work as well include raw greens like broccoli and dishes that require water like rice. If you’re a big cheese fanatic, air-frying foods with cheese isn’t the best idea – you’re going to have a whole lot of mess rather than a tasty treat.


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Bacon In The Ninja Foodi 2 Basket Air Fryer



Bacon in the Ninja Foodi 2 basket air fryer. This air fryer is effective. I can make a great deal of bacon on one side, so if you made use of both sides of the Ninja Foodi 2 basket air fryer, you would certainly have a great deal of food and also rapidly. #BaconInTheNinjaFoodi2BasketAirFryer #NinjaDoubleAirFryer #StephaniesKitchen

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Ninja Foodi Family

Best Pressure Cookers 2021 | Kitchen Appliance Reviews



A pressure stove is the quick-tempered male’s sluggish stove, efficient in lowering cooking time by 70 percent. And considering that they’re handy for making food wholesale, they’re terrific for huge households or dish prepping. What’s a lot more, they can likewise aid reduce the variety of meals when making soups, stews, or one-pot dishes. Since there are numerous choices around, we’ve assembled a few of the most effective to aid you choose which pressure stove is best for you.

Take an appearance listed below at fast details on the leading 5 pressure cookers, after that scroll down for getting suggestions and also thorough reviews of these and also various other versions.

Types of Pressure Cookers

There are 3 kinds of pressure cookers: electrical, stovetop, and also microwave. While they can all prepare your food promptly, there are significant distinctions in between them.

Electric: This is one of the most usual kind of pressure stove, however regrettably likewise has a tendency to be one of the most pricey. The electrical kind frequently do greater than simply pressure chef and also often can fill in various other home appliances, such as a rice stove, sluggish stove, and also air fryer. And they are straightforward, with numerous switches and also presets.

Stovetop: Stovetop versions can be a lot more cost effective than electrical and also can be found in a variety of abilities anywhere from 2 to 12 litres. They can be harder to master than hands-off electrical cookers, as you should make use of the pressure and also warm assesses in addition to the pot to call in the setups. The greatest advantage of stovetop cookers, nonetheless, is that numerous likewise function to secure containers for at-home canning.

Microwave: These pressure cookers are cost effective, light-weight, and also long lasting. They job best for veggies, pasta, and also rice, so if you’re wanting to prepare meat, you would certainly be much better off with electrical or stovetop.

How We Selected

We looked into 10 skilled resources, such as The Strategist, Good Housekeeping, and also The Spruce, to establish the most effective pressure cookers, considering effectiveness, security, chef times, and also simplicity of usage. We likewise read 209,000 consumer reviews on websites like Amazon and also Walmart; our Consumer Score stands for the percent of individuals that ranked each design a minimum of 4 out of 5 star.


Instant Pot Duo 6-Quart

Consumer Score: 94% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Instant Pot Duo 6-Quart


  • Some individuals differed with the customer care

Not just have actually numerous magazines picked the Duo as their preferred, however this Instant Pot has actually gathered over 150,000 consumer reviews on Amazon for a 4.5-star typical score. Credit its mix of price and also adaptability. It has 7 various features—electrical pressure stove, rice stove, sluggish stove, yogurt manufacturer, cleaner, sauté frying pan, and also food warmer—that makes it a fantastic selection for little cooking areas or merely conserving room and also cash on different home appliances. Customers liked the security includes constructed right into this pot that stop harmful crashes, and also they applauded just how instinctive the Duo is. “This is so very easy to make use of, and also it’s the excellent dimension for 1 or 2 individuals,” composed one. “I’ve been making a great deal of stews, and also I’ll sauté the onions, carrots, and also meat (if I’m utilizing meat) after that include every little thing else, seal it, and also established it for 7 mins above pressure. I allow it launch normally and also have actually a flawlessly prepared, delicious dish every single time.”


Farberware Programmable Digital Pressure Cooker 6-Quart

Consumer Score: 90% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Programmable Digital Pressure Cooker 6-Quart



  • Affordable
  • Cooks equally and also successfully
  • Difficult to make use of initially

If you don’t wish to go down $100 on a brand-new pressure stove however still desire something reputable, this Farberware will certainly offer you well. When Good Housekeeping checked it, they discovered that it prepared equally and also successfully, and also the pre-set choices functioned well. It includes 7 various food preparation choices, and also clients were especially pleased with just how it managed meat, which they declared was prepared up until tender while veggies continued to be company. The six-quart capability is huge sufficient to prepare an entire hen or a pile of ribs, suitable adequate food for a little family members. Some clients declared that it was very easy to make use of when they recognized every one of the switches and also presets, however worried that it’s important to review the instructions very carefully prior to usage.


Yedi Total Package 8-Quart

Consumer Score: 93% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Total Package 8-Quart



$106.20 (15% off)

  • Can be made complex to comprehend

Many pressure cookers can currently do greater than simply pressure chef, however this Yedi has the ability to do even more still. In enhancement to the a lot more usual presets, this pressure stove can likewise prepare eggs, heavy steam veggies, make yogurt, and also cook cake. It likewise includes a variety of devices, consisting of 2 egg racks/steaming trivets, a ladle, a rice paddle, food preparation gloves, an additional silicone securing ring, a stainless-steel steaming basket, a stainless-steel internal food preparation pot, and also a gauging mug. It likewise includes a little dish publication and also a rip off sheet to aid you utilize it to its greatest capacity—you can likewise inspect Yedi’s internet site where they post brand-new dishes weekly. Customers liked that they had the ability to prepare for a big family members which it enabled them to earn less pricey meat preference tasty and also tender.


Presto Pressure Canner and also Cooker 23-Quart

Consumer Score: 96% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Presto Pressure Canner and also Cooker 23-Quart


If this were just a pressure stove, it might be a little bit challenging to warrant the price. But if you’re a serious garden enthusiast seeking to container the fruit of your harvest this summer season, this Presto can both pressure prepare your veggies and also can them for later on. It’s USDA licensed for canning and also reasonably very easy to make use of with some technique. “I took my time, reviewed the handbook, enjoyed individual video clips on Youtube, and also conjectured of my very own, and also it was a crowning achievement,” composed an Amazon customer. You can can through either pressure or boiling water, and also the appliance can fit either 7 quart containers or 9 pint containers each time. If you want to utilize it as a pressure stove rather than canning, simply make certain to steer clear of from acidic foods like tomatoes, which can wear down the light weight aluminum. You’ll likewise wish to be mild with the dial scale when cleansing, and also make certain not to entirely immerse it in water.


Hawkins Classic CL20 2-Liter

Consumer Score: 78% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Not everybody has the area—or the hunger—for a full-size pressure stove. This tiny stovetop alternative is both cheaper and also a lot more functional for little households and also little cooking areas. It functions terrific for cooking rice, meat, and also soup, and also has a simple (and also easy-to-clean) style. Customers liked that it really felt long lasting and also well constructed, and also the deal with remains cool down also when the Classic gets on. It includes a “goof-proof” cover that secures up limited and also just loosens up when the pressure dissipates. While it will certainly service any type of kind of oven—ceramic and also electrical consisted of—it’s made to function best with gas. So if you have among the various other choices, you might have much better good luck with an electrical stove.


Chef intelligence Smart Cooker 6-Quart

Consumer Score: 90% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Smart Cooker 6-Quart

Chef intelligence


  • Lots of on-line dishes
  • Easy detailed guidelines

It appears like every little thing is expanding progressively a lot more smart—from your wise lights to online aides—and also this wise pressure stove is no various. It links to your phone or tablet computer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and also you can after that browse the Chef intelligence application, which has thousands of dishes. The stove likewise has an integrated range. “It is among the most effective components of the device,” composed a customer. “You placed in 2 mugs of rice and afterwards it informs you to begin to put the water in, and also it simply informs you when you have actually gotten to the proper quantity of water in actual time. SO COOL! I’m in love with it.”


Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 5-Quart

Consumer Score: 95% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Foodi 9-in-1 5-Quart

  • Takes the location of air fryer also

The air fryer and also pressure stove combination—a dish prepper’s desire. If you’ve fancied one or both of these home appliances, take into consideration getting this room- and also money-saver. We need to keep in mind that the room conserving right here relates to needing to save just one appliance rather than 2, as this Ninja is fairly huge, determining practically 22 inches at its best factor. The brand name constructed in what it calls TenderCrisp modern technology. Essentially, it implies you can initially prepare your food with the pressure stove feature and afterwards quickly crisp it up with the air fryer feature. Customers like that the Foodi is peaceful when running and also very easy to tidy.


Prep Solutions Pressure Cooker 12-Cup

Consumer Score: 90% offered it 4 celebrities or even more

Pressure Cooker 12-Cup

Prep Solutions


If you aren’t certain that you wish to dedicate to a pressure stove right now, this cost effective microwave alternative is a fantastic location to begin. While it isn’t fairly as proficient as an electrical or stovetop variation, it functions well cooking rice, veggies, and also pasta. Customers liked that it was less complicated to tidy than a rice stove, and also some also claimed that they suched as the means their rice ended up in this pressure stove much better than in their committed rice stove. Since it’s light-weight and also long lasting, it’s much less of a trouble to save away, and also you don’t need to stress over discovering some vacant counter room by an electrical outlet when you wish to utilize it. You can likewise place the consisted of devices—a pasta draining pipes insert, a steaming insert, a pasta measurer, 6 determining mugs, 4 determining spoons, and also a rice paddle—inside the dish to shop.


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Bake Bread in Ninja Foodi