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The Surprising Ingredient in Your Breakfast Biscuit Meat

Think the only thing in your meat is, well, meat? Think again. Breakfast meats like bacon and sausage often come with a side of preservatives, binders, fillers, and flavorings. Sodium nitrite tops the list, known for preserving color and flavor, but it’s also linked to some health concerns. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) enhances taste, while dextrose, a form of sugar, finds its way into these meats more frequently than we’d expect.

Moving down the list, sodium erythorbate keeps that enticing pink hue, and BHA and BHT are used to prevent fats from going rancid. Gluten, which can be problematic for some, binds the meat, while a range of natural extracts and spices contribute to the flavor profile. Citric acid regulates acidity, and the unexpected hydrogenated soybean oil adds to the list of non-meat ingredients.

Lastly, sodium phosphate helps maintain moisture, while natural smoke flavor gives that irresistible smoky touch. Essentially, while these ingredients each serve a purpose, they remind us that a lot more goes into our breakfast meats than just meat. Celebrities of the ingredient world they might not be, but their roles are crucial in shaping what’s on our breakfast plates.

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Amanda, a culinary beacon for busy mothers, boasts over 20 years of creating quick, nutritious recipes. This celebrated food columnist, contributing to various magazines, has penned three best-selling cookbooks.

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