How to Cook Rice in Ninja Foodi (Detail Guide)

How to cook rice in a Ninja Foodi is so easy! Below are some tips on making pressure cooker rice using the Ninja Foodi as an alternative rice cooker. So, how do you cook rice in ninja Foodi and have it come out fluffy every time?

How To Cook Rice In Ninja Instant Cooker

1. Add 1 cup of rice and 1 cup of water to the inside pot of the Ninja Foodi.

2. Close the pressure lid, seal the steam valve and turn Ninja Foodi power on.

3. Select high pressure and set the timer for 2 minutes. 

4. After 2 minutes, release pressure naturally for 10 minutes and then quickly release, let the rice cool, fork fluff, and serve.

When you hear “rice,” you already know what comes to mind: tiny white grains on a plate. But rice doesn’t have to be all that dull. A little exploration will show you that even rice can get some boosts. Not only can you make plain white rice, but you can also make grains and other types of rice with your Ninja Foodi.

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How Long Do You Cook Rice In The Ninja Foodi

I make white and brown rice a few times a week. It doesn’t matter if I’m serving it plain or topped with butter for a light lunch snack, on the side with pork, chicken, or beef; it’s an inexpensive dish my family loves. If you just started using your Ninja Foodi (see also our guide to slow cooking in the Ninja Foodi) and are brand new to making Ninja Foodi recipes, this chart will be helpful.

Ingrid.AmountWaterPressureCook TimeRelease
Arborio rice*1 C.3 C.HIGH7 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
Basmati rice1 C.1 C.HIGH2 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
Brown rice, short/mid/long grain1 C.1 1/4 C.HIGH15 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
Jasmine rice1 C.1 C.HIGH2-3 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
Sushi rice1 C.1 1/2 C.HIGH3 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
White rice, long grain1 C.1 C.HIGH2 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
White rice, medium grain1 C.1 C.HIGH3 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick
Wild rice1 C.1 C.HIGH22 minsNatural (10 mins), then Quick

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