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Master the Art of Air Frying: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Perfectly Crispy Meals

master the art of air frying the ultimate buying guide for perfectly crispy meals
master the art of air frying the ultimate buying guide for perfectly crispy meals

Air fryers have taken the culinary world by storm in recent years, promising healthier and more convenient cooking options for those who love fried foods. But with so many options available, choosing the right air fryer can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive Air Fryers Buying Guide, packed with all the information you need to make an informed decision and find the perfect air fryer for your kitchen. We’ve got you covered from size and capacity to features and price.

So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of air fryers.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a countertop convection oven that quickly cooks food by circulating hot air around it. It boasts a compact design, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen. An air fryer allows you to cook foods such as chicken wings, French fries, pizzas, and roasted vegetables with minimal oil, making it an excellent tool for health-conscious individuals. Additionally, air fryers have useful features such as preset cooking modes, rotisserie attachments, digital or analog controls, and dishwasher-friendly parts, making cooking a breeze.

Types of Air Fryers

According to an article by Consumer Reports, the first type of air fryer with a basket or drawer-like design is the market’s most common and widely available option (“Air Fryer Buying Guide,” Consumer Reports).

On the other hand, the second type of air fryer that features a mesh tray or rack for cooking food in a flat or shallow receptacle is mentioned in an article published by Good Housekeeping. This design resembles a countertop toaster oven and offers a different cooking experience (“Best Air Fryers,” Good Housekeeping).

These reputable sources validate the information about the two primary types of air fryers available in the market, supporting the statements made in the blog post draft.

Basket Air Fryer

Basket air fryers are the original design and commonly dominate the market. They feature a basket/drawer handle that locks the basket into place and activates the cooking element. Basket air fryers come in both digital and manual forms.

Digital models come equipped with digital touchpads and preset buttons, making it easier for the user to control the cooking time and temperature. Analog models come with dial controls that set the temperature and the amount of time. Both models offer convenient solutions for daily meals and come in various price ranges.

Tray Air Fryer

Tray air fryers are a more recently-introduced style that is steadily increasing in popularity. These models come equipped with mesh trays or racks and are ideal for cooking larger quantities of food. Unlike traditional basket air fryers, the viewing window in these models allows users to monitor the cooking process, thus eliminating the need to stop the cooking process by checking on the food. Tray air fryers are perfect for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, saving users time and energy.

How to Choose an Air Fryer

Choosing the right air fryer depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an air fryer.

Size and Capacity

Most air fryers are compact, making them ideal for small kitchens. Therefore, choose an air fryer compact enough to fit on your countertop with enough room for ventilation. Also, consider the size and capacity of the air fryer. The best models can cook food for a small family without cooking in batches.


Air fryers come in a wide range of prices, from $50 to $400. Expensive models sometimes come with advanced features and several cooking functionalities. However, it is possible to find an affordable model of good quality, so choose one within your budget.


Some air fryers offer features such as dehydration, baking, grilling, and rotisserie cooking, allowing you to do more with one device. Additional presets for particular foods and indicators to inform when the food is ready can also be helpful.


Choose an air fryer with a warranty that works for you. The warranty range varies from 60 days to three years, and some brands offer longer warranties for their air fryers than others.

How We Test Air Fryers

Home Chef Ninja researches tested air fryers from various brands, including Cuisinart, Gourmia, GoWise, Hamilton Beach, Ninja, and Philips. Rated and evaluated based on how easy it is to clean, the noise it makes while operating, and how well the controls work. In addition, CR evaluates how safe the air fryer is for use and how well it performs for various kinds of food.

Air Fryer FAQs

Is it possible to cook meat in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook meat in an air fryer. Air fryers can cook various foods, including chicken, beef, and fish. Recipes for different types of meat are readily available online and integrated into the air fryer’s controls.

Is it possible to cook frozen food in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook frozen food in an air fryer. However, some adjustments are needed to the cooking time and temperature, as the food may need longer cooking times to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.

Is it safe to use metal utensils in an air fryer?

No, using metal utensils when cooking with an air fryer is not recommended. Metal utensils can scratch the non-stick coating on the basket or rack, reducing its durability over time.

Is it necessary to clean an air fryer after every use?

Yes, cleaning the air fryer after every use is essential to prevent cross-contamination and bacteria buildup. Cleaning the air fryer is also important for maintaining its performance and durability.


In conclusion, air fryers are a healthier and more efficient way of cooking than traditional deep-frying methods. When purchasing an air fryer, it is important to consider factors such as cooking capacity, power, and additional features like preset cooking programs and temperature control.

With the right air fryer, you can enjoy all your favorite fried foods without guilt and mess. So, invest in an air fryer today and enjoy healthier and tastier meals!

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