Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi: Programmable Multicooker

The Instant Pot’s multicooker line is as popular as ever, and thus the new Instant Pot Smart WiFi is the most high-tech model yet. While Instant Pot stayed faithful to its popular 6-quart, 1,000-watt design, it added WiFi connectivity for the remote and integration with the Moment Pot app. Like the Moment Pot Duo Plus series, the Moment Pot Smart WiFi may be a little pricier and smarter.

Suppose you’re hesitant about leaving your multicooker unmonitored when away from home; WiFi will give you peace of mind. But overall, the smarts don’t revolutionize the way you’ll use your Instant Pot. If you do not have your heart assail viewing your Instant Pot’s status remotely, you’ll be just fine with a less expensive model.

The Instant Pot Smart WiFi keeps all the favored modes and functions customers have come to know and love. Buttons for beans, chili, meat, rice, yogurt, and cake programs are all there. You’ll also have sauteed pressure cook, steam, and slow cook functions.

At the moment, Pot Smart WiFi also comes with a soup spoon, rice paddle, and cup. There’s not a program button for eggs or a button for sterilizing, but otherwise, this model looks tons, a bit like the Duo Plus series. Instant Pot’s comparison chart gives you a fair idea of the trade-offs between each model.

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Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi vs. Ultra

When you check out the Instant Pot Ultra vs. Smart WiFi, both are good and can get the work done, but it comes down to what you would like to try with it. While the Instant Pot Smart sounds excellent, with the power to regulate your pressure cooker together with your smartphone and write scripts for recipes, it takes time to set up and learn. On the other hand, the Instant Pot Ultra works straight out of the box and features many useful features.

Instant Pot Ultra:

With the Instant Pot Ultra, users will be able to access the handy Sterilize program, which may be used to sterilize items like baby bottles, so no bacteria gets into your baby’s mouth. The Ultra feature also allows you to regulate the water temperature to a degree, so you’ll try sous vide cooking without having separate sous vide circulator.

The Ultra’s auto-sealing controller also means one less thing to stress about, and the button to release pressure is safer than having to turn the knob manually since your hand won’t be on the brink of scalding steam.

The Ultra makes cooking much more comfortable for those who sleep at higher altitudes. Since altitude affects cooking times and the way things cook, the Ultra’s altitude adjustment makes it easier than ever to regulate recipes accordingly to your altitude, removing all guesswork. Therefore, the Cooking Progress Indicator on the Ultra allows you to see how your meal is faring along inside the Pot.


  • Features 10 settings
  • altitude adjustment Built-in for a accurate cooking time
  • Track Cooking progress with indicator
  • easy to release pressure with Quick Release button
  • Do pseudo-sous vide cooking with precise temperature control


  • All-digital screen with a sensitive knob that’s not as intuitive as buttons

Buy the Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Multicooker at Amazon.

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi:

However, we appreciate the Smart for connecting with your smartphone through WiFi, which is why it’s one of our most fantastic Instant Pot choices. It’s suggested you’ll place your ingredients into the Pot and wait for a touch (though maybe not with meat, just other ingredients), and obtain the Pot started while you’re in another room of the house.

It is also easier for those with issues standing for too long, as you’ll regulate the Instant Pot while sitting down somewhere comfortable. Though the recipe scripts are a touch complicated, if you find out the programming for them, the automation it provides means less work for you to do within the kitchen.

But if you’ll only pick one when it involves Instant Pot Ultra vs. Smart WiFi, the Ultra is the better overall choice. And many features make any Instant Pot, including the Ultra, a worthy investment for your kitchen.


  • Has 13 built-in programs
  • LCD display  is Large and easy-to-read
  • Over 750 programmable scenarios
  • Wi-Fi so you will be able to control it with your phone


  • Using the ability to program scripts requires a bit of technological know-how


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